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Prediction Knock Out/Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Finals

It’s the Prediction Cup Final weekend which means that all eyes will be on @stackitsteve and @Swerve in the Prediction Knock Out Cup Final while a few eyes will be on @LenGlover and @charltonkeston as they scrap over the Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup, the tournament for 1st round losers.

@stackitsteve is currently near the bottom of League 2 in the league while @Swerve is just below at the top of the Conference. @LenGlover is in the top half of League 1 while @charltonkeston is in the top half of the Championship. It means that none of our high-flying moneybags teams in the Premier League are in this year’s finals.

Both @stackitsteve and @Swerve had shaky starts to their campaigns as both began with 0-0 draws. @clb79 deserves note for losing to a finalist in both competitions. Mention also for cblock who won the Prediction Knock Out Cup last year and was a semi finalist this year.

The games are:

Prediction Knock Out Cup Final

stackitsteve v Swerve

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup Final

LenGlover v charltonkeston

In the event of a draw, there will be a replay next week.

Their routes to Wembley were:


1st round v. clb79 (H) 0-0
1st round replay v. clb79 (A) 1-1 (won on penalties)
2nd round v. StrikerFirmani (H) 2-1
3rd round v. Boysie (H) 3-1
4th round v. bertieB (H) 2-2
4th round replay v. bertieB (A) 2-0
5th round v. Dannoo_86 (H) 3-2
Semi final v. stonemuse (A) 3-1


1st round v. leftbehind (H) 0-0
1st round replay v. leftbehind (A) 0-0 (won on penalties)
2nd round v. croydonaddick (A) 2-1
3rd round v. tommo (A) 4-1
4th round v. Elthamaddick (A) 3-2
5th round v. Karim_myBagheri (H) 2-1
Semi final v. cblock (A) 3-3
Semi final replay v. cblock (H) 1-0


1st round v. Tor (A) 2-0
2nd round v. MrLargo (H) 3-1
3rd round v. Carl leaburn (H) 3-1
4th round v. redlanered (H) 3-1
Semi Final v. MrBligh (A) 6-1


1st round v. Algarveaddick (H) 1-0
2nd round v. Tutt_Tutt (A) 4-2
3rd round v. ellisaddick (A) 1-0
4th round v. clb74 (A) 2-2
5th round v. clb74 (H) 2-2 (won on penalties)
Semi Final v. Redchaser (A) 6-1

Good luck to all four competitors


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