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Smart Motorways and ERA's

Utter insanity or a good way to reduce congestion?

52% of motorists polled didn't know anything about ERA's.

IMO The whole concept is a huge loss of life disaster waiting to happen, never mind the thousands of mini disasters (less than what, 6 dead at a time?) that will drip feed into the press.

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  • The motorways are so crowded nowadays that if someone pulls onto the hard shoulder to open a packet of crisps it causes a 2 mile tail back while other drivers slow down to stare.

    So, breakdowns may as well stop in the inside lane.
  • What has the pitchers Earned Run Average got to do with UK Motorway congestion.
  • What's an ERA?
  • Stig said:

    What's an ERA?

    A span of time?
  • and Emergency Refuge Areas
    A (one car-ish) lay by every 1.5 miles
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    I hate not having a hard shoulder. My motorcycle cut out on the M2 a couple of years ago. Without a hard shoulder both my bike and I would have been stuck in the 'slow' lane. It doesn't matter what the vehicle is, it's an accident waiting to happen.
  • Removing hard shoulders seems a massive step backwards after decades of investment in improving road safety. A short sighted cost saving measure that unfortunately will cost lives.

    On a related note, drivers that ignore red 'X's and use closed lanes should get 6 points and a hefty fine. There are enough cameras on our motorways that I can't believe this isn't better enforced. It surely wouldn't be hard.
  • and Emergency Refuge Areas
    A (one car-ish) lay by every 1.5 miles

    Whatever the pos and cons, it's a really crappy name. Every thickie in the county is going to think it's an Emergency Refuse Centre and use it for flytipping.
  • ERA means English Racing Automobiles to me. Prince Bira of Siam racing Remus, which still races at Goodwood every year.
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