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Football League crack down on dodgy owners at last

Say what you like about the Oystens and Duchatelet but they never sank to these depths.

Glad the EFL are taking action here to save the game.


  • Saw that on Twitter it is beyond ridiculous
  • Let's hope we don't get nailed by some VAT scam to do with vol-u-vants...
  • Sack the lot of them. Pathetic.

    How is this farcical management allowed to continue?!
  • Still trying to get my head around the investigation...? He said he sometimes buys them Mcdonalds when they win (not sure why he feels the need to punish them with that but whatever) How would that provision even be written into a contract?

    "Upon victory the chairman might buy you a Mcdonalds, then again, he might not. Definitely not if you lose"

    Glad the FL are getting to the heart of the important issues...

  • Before Seth asks, what about the veggies?
  • Before Seth asks, what about the veggies?

    Too feeble for rough tough northern professional football.
  • Before Seth asks, what about the veggies?

    Fruit bag
  • Before Seth asks, what about the veggies?

    They can have one of those nuclear reactor hot apple pies
  • Ridiculous, have they not got anything better to be doing with their time!?
  • This is an April fool isn't it?
    I see Hector Bellerin is a vegan BTW, as is Jermaine Defoe.
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  • April fools?
  • Saw this earlier. Bloody ridiculous
  • I genuinely feel this is an important issue and am 100% behind the EFL here. It may seem trivial but under the bribery and corruption act and with the tax man so hard on taxable benefits this is actually a real issue.... no sorry, there is no counter argument no matter how hard I try, what a bunch of buffoons the EFL are.
  • So are teams not allowed to feed players? Or is it because they only get fed if they win. If Man. City throw a mega bash in some fancy hotel after winning the league, is that illegal because it’s not in their contracts?
  • How can the EFL decide how Andy Holt spends his own money?
  • Having found themselves in a hole of their own making, it appears the EFL decided to stop digging.
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