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CAFC Annual Accounts

For anyone else out in the CL world that pays a geeky close interest in the annual accounts, I thought I'd start a new thread in preparation for the imminent publication of the accounts on Companies House.

These accounts are going to be the most interesting to see how much of a financial hit the club has made via the protests and boycotting of matches, also to see the directors comments relating to it. I'm interested to see how our debt levels have increased to Staprix.

As a reminder, in 2016, ticket income and match day activities accounted for £4,758,000 of the overall £12,103,000 income (39.3%) down from £5,248,000 in 2015, accounting for (44.6%) - this was before the boycott really started to take effect.

Once published, I'll give a comparative breakdown, and obviously welcome any comments from others who want to chip in.


  • Who usually produces and releases them?

    Wouldnt that be the job of the Chief Financial Officer?
  • The director's reports were written by Meire, with the accounts being put together by the accounting firm 'Nyman Lisbon Paul'.

    Once NLP have put them together, the board will sign them off and submit them to Companies House for publishing.. usually around about now but before the 31st otherwise you incur a fine.
  • Directors can request additional time to file accounts with Companies House. CH often grant such requests where they are satisfied that 'exceptional circumstances' apply preventing punctual submission. If the financial statements aren't available for inspection by about 2 April, it could be another month or more without the director incurring a fine. Such little real information as the accounts provide may not be available right away.
  • Will the Lookman transfer money be in that financial year ?
  • edited March 12

    Will the Lookman transfer money be in that financial year ?

    If he was sold before 30th June 2017 then yes.
  • Will the Lookman transfer money be in that financial year ?

    Yes as I remember there being talk last year that the sale went through after that financial year end.
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