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Buying a all in one PC- advice needed

My 9 year old PC has given me sterling service but time to say bye bye and get something new.

The new all in one one I'm looking at on Argos is a HP Celeron 4GB !TB for £379.

Can go to £500 if needed so any advice, ideas will be most gratefully received as my knowledge of all this stuff is zippo.

I don't do gaming or watch movies but I need to run another couple of monitors from it for my trading stuff.

Thanks in advance.


  • As your not installing lots of games, apps, movies i would suggest you get a smaller sized disk but make sure it is an SSD.

    The difference between a conventional hard drive and an SSD is day and night and you wont regret it.
  • Thanks Scrappy, where will I find that on the description, is that the 4GB 1TB?
  • Get a wipe clean screen
  • It'll say SSD clearly enough. Expect the storage space to be considerably less but considerably faster.
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    My wife just bought a chuwi hi10 pro to watch netflix on on holiday and I must admit I was very surprised and impressed with the quality. It came with an excellent detachable keyboard and can boot into android as a tablet or windows 10. The screen quality is excellent as is battery life and it has full size usb ports, hdmi port etc... I'm pretty sure it will do what a 9 year old computer did and better and is a lot cheaper than laptop options. I'm going to get one - battery life is good. It has 64gb ram which can be expanded by a further 128gb using a micro sd card. It also has a full 12 month warranty.

  • IdleHans said:

    It'll say SSD clearly enough. Expect the storage space to be considerably less but considerably faster.

    Sorry to jump in on this. The one I have looked at lists both a 1tb hdd and a 128gb ssd

    Does this seem correct ?
  • Just had a really quick look on PC World.

    You can get this for a similar price, but much better quality. I personally would not buy a Celeron processor as they are pretty shite.
  • Trading???

    You’ll lose that house listening to Joe :-)
  • Trading???

    You’ll lose that house listening to Joe :-)

    Ha Ha! Just the Dax in the morning and the Dow after lunch, £2-£3 a point.

    Very small beer compared to Joey :smile:
  • @mistrollingin 4Gb is the memory. That's about the minimum you want with Windows 10. 1Tb is the hard disk size. That's what you want to replace with a 250Gb SSD. If your budget means it's a choice of more memory or more disk, go for more memory. As someone else mentioned, the Celeron is a bit of a naff chip these days. See if you can get a more up-to-date one.

    Why do you want to get an all-in-one PC? If you've got an existing monitor and keyboard, get a normal PC and re-use those so you should be able to get a better PC.
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