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As mentally tough as Elise Christie at the Olympics

I'm afraid to say.


  • Think we must use the same sports psychologist.
  • I'm afraid to say.

    She's got 2 more events and I really hope she makes you eat those words.
    If that sort of bad luck doesn't hurt that much then you're in the wrong game.
    I'll take her kind of heart on sleeve passion every time.

    She was flat out cheated 4 years ago in Sochi and she's back out there putting her whole being on the line again. Add to that, competing in a country where hers is practically the national sport and she knows the whole room will be set against her.

    Sniping from the sidelines behind a pseudonym is the work of a louse, a coward and a wretch.
  • Has one of OUR OLYMPIANS betrayed literally the entire nation by not winning A MEDAL? Feed her to the fucking ravens
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