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The *Bite Size* Takeover Thread

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You moaned, we listened.

A number have complained that they would rather not wade through the almighty tosh on The Takeover Thread that provides the fat filling from one thin slice of information to the next.

So our mods will run a Bite Size thread for those that just want to cherry picks the latest news and rumours.

We'll start with an update provided by our January Calendar boy, and everyone's favourite poster @Henry Irving

2nd Feb

Richard Murray spoke to staff members in the days before the Walsall game and told them that there is a "preferred bidder" and the takeover may come in February. The term "Preferred bidder" wasn't explained and could be someone has exclusive legal rights to take a deal forward or just someone Roland (or Murray) would rather buy the club.

RM then meet with the Supporters' Trust/CARD on the day of the Walsall game and told them that two parties had completed due dilligence but one was ahead of the other. RM didn't use the term "preferred bidder to CAST/CARD.

Still no confirmation on who these parties are although strongest rumours suggest that they could include:

An bid including Australian Andrew Muir (which is not the same as the AFC consortium who were mentioned back in April 2017 when this thread started)

A bid fronted by Donald Muir (no relation) and Alex McLeish, who's backers are unknown but some suggest they are South African and others British.

@redhenry has said there were four interested parties but this week cut this to three. We don't know who these parties are.

@Airman Brown appears to have some new information but you may have to buy VOTV tomorrow to find out (or read a version on here). His mood some optimistic and he hinted on twitter that it is the Australians who are ahead at the moment.

Richard Murray spoke to staff again this week, this time at the training ground. The SLP reported that he told staff that there "COULD BE" a deal in February but that timescales could shift.

@nth london addick states that no formal offer or offers have been made.

There is absolutely no, repeat NO, evidence that Red Bull are involved.

The transfer window saw no sale of Konsa but also no purchase of any new players. Three players joined on loan. This can, and has, been interpreted as meaning both that a sale is close and that a sale is a long way off. Robinson confirmed that Duchatelet had final sign off on deals on deadline days and rejected bids for Magennis and possibly Fosu and Konsa.


  • Sale price rumoured to be £45m, although unsure at this stage how much is upfront and tied to long term performance of club
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