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  • Phew. 2 out of 6

    ITN was 3/6 so just as well I've retired!
  • 2, says higher than average for Sevenoaks though which is 1 normally :(
  • 1!

    That's south west England for you. My parents lived in Somerset. I live near Clapham Common.
  • I got a 1 too. But then I looked up my walk to work through the City. It’s all 5s and 6s.
  • 1, but then you’d hope that was the case for zone 5 really!
  • 1. Buzzing.
  • 1. think it must be the grass verge keeping all the pollution at bay #middleclass
  • I was feeling good about my 2. Now I have a new condition.....Low pollution envy!
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  • 1

  • 2 - probably all the 4x4s and Sports cars down my road....
  • I got a 1 and I live just off Plum common Road. So I'm not so sure about this.
  • Just the 1 for me - although the stink from muck spreading and cow dung can’t be healthy.
  • 1. (Must have been measured while I wasn't running the lawn mower.)
  • 1 at home (east Kent coast). 4 in work (Near Oxford street)!
  • 1 - good news
  • cafc-west said:

    1 at home (east Kent coast). 4 in work (Near Oxford street)!

    Good point - just checked work and that’s a 1 as well. Stoke-on-Trent a 1? The data has lost all credibility for me.

  • A 1 also for me..

    Not really surprising, as the nearest very minor road is 75 yards away.
    We've only got a footpath approach to our cottages.

    But then we've all got woodstoves and smoking chimneys in winter.

  • 2 - both my road in Eltham (home) and Southampton (uni)

    Do remember the score is its likelihood to exceed its target. My road in Eltham is very quite but I live on one of the busiest roads in Southampton yet score 2 for both.
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  • 1.....unless I’m having a turnout.
  • 2 Higher than average for Horsham, but each postcode I have relatives at around Horsham are all 2's... I think they're including the surrounding country areas
  • 1, average for St Albans.
  • 1 - life in the north is good away from you city folk ;-)
  • 1 - the same as the average for Bromley borough apparently.
  • What a load of bollocks.

    Another government scam to make us all think the government aren't turning all of out lungs into soot cylinders.

    Anyone who lives within motorways in this part of the country would be a 4 at best!!
  • 2 (though struggled to read the computer screen due to the smog blocking my view)
  • 1 for me in East Grinstead
  • 1.

    Surprised as we back onto a busy A Road, though it is still quite out of town.
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