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Parking - Sam Bartram Entrance

It has become common knowledge now that it is possible to park by the Sam Bartram entrance. Just to let everyone know, I was told today they will be clamping from today onwards.


  • What part of the road are they clamping?

    Who is doing the clamping?
  • I thought clamping was illegal in the UK nowadays ?
  • Not sure. Right up to the factory I think
  • Clamping is illegal now except in a few very defined circumstances eg by the Bank on airport roads. Hard to see those specific circumstances apply here.
  • Only illegal for private companies to clamp or tow. Councils can clamp or tow; the plod only tow I believe.
  • It is a residential road so can't see how they can clamp any car on it. Maybe by the commercial units right at the end, but right opposite the gates into the ground are around 6-8 houses (some have driveways) and anyone can legally park there - as I do. I'm not surprise if they make it residents parking only but currently there is not even a single yellow line.
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