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With popular picks Man U, Tottenham, Arsenal, Villa & Charlton all winning, it's no surprise that this week saw the most returns and highest amount of winnings for the season.
23 out of 88 entries got a return on their virtual tenner this week.
Collectively this week, we won £576.89 off the bookie leaving us £455.39 down for the season.
This week also saw the seasons highest single return. Wins for Stoke (2.80), Man City (2.50) and Barnsley (4.40) saw @No.1 in South London scoop £308.00 and is this weeks winner.
Also a mention to @Sillybilly and @Addickted2TheReds who also had treble figure returns.
Congratulations. I hope you backed them in reality.

Now 9 people showing a 3 figure profit with No.1 in South London going from being part of "the rest are on -£60.00" gang, to replace @Webbja77 at the top of the tree.
Also I have adjusted the table after some errors from the previous week.


The rest are on -£70.00

No matches this week due to internationals.


  • We're the 'Rest are on' army........
  • You missed my double landing.
  • Apologies @oldbloke.
    Completely missed your bet. You returned £54.60, which I’ll adjust with next table.
  • @paulbaconsarnie I think there's an error in my total (and possibly in everyone else's if my reasoning is correct). Last week I was on -£60. This week I staked £10 so would have been on -£70 but Man U managed to beat Palarse so I got back my £10 stake and £1.80, meaning I should be on -£58.20.
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