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**New Poll: Have you changed your mind on where we will finish?**

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Okay so 6 games in, 5 wins and what looks like the green shoots of a potentially positive season. Have you changed your mind about where we will finish since the poll at the start of the season. At the last poll, 7th - 12th was the most popular vote, 31% of you opted for it. It's what I voted for, and I want to upgrade my vote to automatic promotion based on our first XI, but I think I'm gonna plump for play offs now because I still worry about depth of squad and injuries

**New Poll: Have you changed your mind on where we will finish?** 275 votes

8% 23 votes
Automatic promotion
32% 90 votes
Play off winners
4% 12 votes
Play offs
32% 89 votes
7th - 12th
17% 48 votes
13th - 20th
3% 9 votes
1% 4 votes


  • We're going to win the league
  • Pre-season I thought we'd finish sixth and I still do. We've got a good first 11 but it's a long season and I'm concerned about a lack of strength in depth which I think will hurt us.
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    Let me qualify that. Southend are a decent side at this level and at times we were way too good for them. With the players we have, I think we should go up automatically, but that depends on several factors such as injuries. Initially, I voted that we'd finish in the top six instead of the top two due to uncertainties and concerns over squad depth, but now, sod it, it's nice to be optimistic for a change.
  • No said champions 1st time round
    9/1 to win the league now
  • With Henry on this :-(
  • I beg your pardon gents :-(
  • Still automatic for me
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  • With Henry on this :-(

    Don't worry, it won't last long
  • I thought play-off losers but now expect top 3 and think we have a very good chance of top 2.
  • Poll makes no sense.

    There is no option to say "yes, I've changed my mind" or "no, I haven't changed mind" .

    Options should be

    I now think we'll

    A. Finish higher than I thought before

    B. Finish where I thought we would before

    C. Finish lower than I thought before

    Id add a D. "To early to say"

    I really cant make my mind up to select any of those three and wouldnt want to make a call until mid October
  • fairly sure I went for automatic first time round, that hasn't changed
  • I had us in second and Wigan as winners in pre-season. Still confident in us finishing second. And Wigan have had an okay start but getting Grigg fit, he is the type of player where if he's fit and firing he can help win a league.
  • Is think I predicted 9th but revised upwards to playoffs. I'm not even going to try to predict that.
  • I said 7th - 12th last time, I always thought our 1st 11 were good enough for the play offs or an outside chance of automatic but as we know it's a long seasons and bans and injuries happen and I didn't feel we had a good enough squad depth.

    I've been surprised at how good the 1st 11 have played, but it's still early, it's still a long season and we still have inadequate depth for a sustained push for promotion. Come those injuries etc on a cold winters Tuesday evening up north relying on 2-3 youngers or Jacko at left back isn't going to be title form.

    But i'm feeling positive :smiley: i'll switch to play off's, getting maximum points on the board in Sept/October will be critical so If we get 10 points out of the next 4 games i'll be confident of the play off's.
  • I thought around 13th before.

    I don't think I'll change my mind until the status of the dawn has been confirmed.

    I still think that we cannot afford to have injuries or suspensions, because (like every season under the regime) I'm worried about the squad depth and am unconvinced by KR (I'll admit I don't like him particularly, but that might be because I'm a nasty bastard).

    Even if on course for promotion in the New Year, I'd fully expect to see the squad not being strengthened as it should to push on (and sales would always be a worry).
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  • Said Automatic at the start of the season and stand by that.
  • I think I said play off places at the start of the season, and will up that to automatic, though I think Tuesday will give us more of an indication, the first "Top 3" team we've faced

    Yes we need to keep players fit, but so does everyone else, it's not as if the other teams will have squads of 22 top players either.

    If RD is fed up with football, and wants out, then while he won't splash the cash we'd like him too, he won't want to screw up the chance of promotion either. A Championship team is much more attractive to buyers than a L1 one.
  • After 6 games?

  • I feared we hadn't hit the bottom under the regime and we'd flirt with relegation again but the team on Saturday looked a promotion team to me. The last time I felt this good about the start of a season was the year that Parkinson's team won 6 or 7 on the bounce and then bombed out of the playoffs so I'm giving it a bit longer before I get too excited.
  • I said automatic on the last poll and I still say automatic 6 games in.
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    40 games to go lads!

    ( unless we make the playoffs!)
  • I had us in the 10th-14th range before the season. Now I see our first XI is entirely capable of automatics but everything depends on injuries and suspensions.

    Play-offs at best still IMO.
  • I thought play-offs possible auto before the season, now thinking auto maybe champs.
  • Far too early to say for me:

    1) Impact of injuries
    2) will players leave in January?
    3) have we played the heftier teams yet?
    4) will we struggle a bit in the winter months when grounds are heavier?

    Still, having said this, things look better than last season.
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