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Match Preview and Updates - Limerick FC v Charlton Athletic -PSF - 11 July 2017|KO 7.45



  • Chrissy Onions in central midfield is surprising me, didn't think he had the presence to play deeper but it seems as long as he has a destroyer next to him (which is what Dijksteel is) then he has licence to sit deep and ping the ball about
  • Good call on Ogbene
  • Ceballos does look very good if he is number 18. Really putting himself about, good skills and range of passes

    If Kashi and Ceballos can put their pre-season form into the League season then I'm happy with the Midfield ahead of August
  • Not really on that, obviously you can't read in to it much but whatever Robinson was trying it didn't work.
  • Leuth said:

    Not really on that, obviously you can't read in to it much but whatever Robinson was trying it didn't work.

    It's a preseason game
    Yes it is. Well done.
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  • Only saw the last 10 minutes. We were poor in that phase.
  • Just remember guys that this is a League team involving Dundalk who did damned well in the Champions League and Europa League last season!!

    As already mentioned they're going to be a lot fitter and sharper than us (Cumlin on the other hand are also starting pre-season and were a part-time side)... the real points which'll maybe show where we'll be next season will come from the friendlies against the likes of Stevenage | Ipswich | Norwich.

    The only thing I truly care about is the hope that everyone has come through unscathed, there will be plenty of time for injures during the season, dont need to disturb our preparation losing players at this early stage
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    And that's why we need a senior goalkeeper! Phillips at fault for both goals

    Wasnt at fault for the first... Wasnt even a shot!!

    Let's dig out a youth keeper for making a sub par pass.

    Or just point out exactly what happened and the fact that we need a senior keeper?
    I'm glad you're not the manager if you're willing to drop a goalkeeper for dodgy passing.

    We do need another keeper but that's always been the case since Rudd left. Going into the season with just Phillips is not an option.
    Likewise if you think dodgy passing like that is acceptable.

    At least we both agree we need another keeper.....
    Some of the best keepers in the world have moments like that. I take it you wouldn't want Claudio Bravo?
    I give you Peter Shilton.
  • Confirmed a couple of things for me.

    Sarr is shit.

    We need an experienced keeper.

    Dare I say it, and a plan b.

    My choice is a big experienced centre forward we can pump balls up to. Rickie Lambert or similar.
  • Dijksteel was my flop of the match. Not a problem as only a friendly but out of the second half subs he was the worst to come on, closely followed by Jacko who was non existent.

    If KAG could hit a barn door he'd be 100% more lethal.

    Ceballos was non stop effort. Loved it. :heart: Ceballos :heart:

    Marshall looked okay, Tex at RB continued to look an option. Clarke looked fine, he's no Magennis. T.Watt put in a churchinho performance. Bauer another to look somewhat concerning....

    All of the above means nothing as it's all pre season.

    Limerick gave it everything and deserved the win. They played like it mattered, we played a friendly.
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  • I'm glad to be disagreeing about something to do with football to be honest !!!

    I blame CARD
  • Ceballos and Barnes were good, Aribo not bad. Quite like the look of Dijksteel but we are a bit powder puff. Desperately need KAG to score a goal to fire up his confidence.
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    Laddick01 said:

    Worth remembering that 2 seasons ago Ba looked head and shoulders above Kashi in pre season. Means nothing.

    Maybe for you, but Kashi looked better from day 1 for me.
  • Funnily Sarr is one of those Defenders who'd be useful as a sub if we're chasing a goal and need someone to go up front.

    He's a good threat in front of goal yet potentially that also in front of our goal and not just the oppositions
  • A few players definitely impressed but overall there were several periods of that game where we were pretty poor, either way hopefully towards the end of pre season we'll see a lineup more like what we'll see in the season.
  • Watched it all..really thought Ceballos put in a shift, I also liked Cameron Stewart, Tex at RB looked steady. We desperately need a keeper (or 2), on the other place a certain Colin is blaming JJ (no surprise there) for their 3rd goal, despite the fact he will hardly play this year as he is mainly a coach and we have no-one else at present who is fit!! Think Marshall and Clarke will do a good job and Watt played well in first half. Baur looked surprisingly shaky, however its a Pre-season friendly, disappointing to lose from 2-0 up, but a decent run out for the squad.
  • Thought we lost our way second half after looking comfortable first half. Not sure we have anybody other than Mcguiness to play the sole striker role properly.

    Always liked Baur but thought he was a yard off the pace or not bothered one of the two.

    Thought we saw best and worse of Cebelos, good on the ball, awful trying to tackle back.

    On that performance we need a first team keeper, the kid did ok but that won't be enough if we are in with a realistic chance of top 6.

    On the positive side Barnes looked good as did some of the other youngsters.

    On the negative side second half defending was awful and looked disorganised.

    Be interested to see what the manager sees as his best team.

  • A decent workout and it could have gone either way, not that the result matters. Unsurprisingly, our play became a bit disjointed and, buoyed by their comeback and superior fitness, Limerick finished the stronger side.

    As others have said, Ceballos did well and Clarke found some nice pockets of space, although we lacked a focal point up front when Josh went off and had a tendency to overelaborate in the final third. As you'd expect, a few players looked rusty (e.g.Bauer) but it's very early days.
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