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*** CL Ypres Trip - places available ***

Due to various reasons three places on our trip to Ypres for July 15/16 have become available. We depart Charlton at 5.15am and Ebbsfleet International at 5.45am on the morning of the 15th and return to Ebbsfleet at approx 6.30pm on Sunday 16th. We have a packed and interesting itinerary, led by our expert guide Clive, including the Menin Gate ceremony on the evening of the 15th where three of our party will be laying a wreath on our behalf.

Currently those who have dropped out have yet to cancel their accommodation bookings and so a double room in a hotel and a single room in a B & B are available if interested.

The cost of the trip is £60.00 which would be payable immediately.

If you are interested or have any further questions please message me. These places are available on a first come first served basis so don't delay.

Many thanks

Large Addick



  • I'm not going to be able to go either so there will be two other places available.

    I think I have a two person room booked as well - and I haven't cancelled that either.
  • KHA, I'm really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately unless I can find replacements for your places then I won't be able to refund any of the amounts paid as we are running at cost basis, have paid the Eurotunnel fee and coach company hire charge and donated the excess and donations to the charities.

    As said, if I can find replacements then I will refund you. It's up to you whether you want to cancel your accommodation now or wait and see if anyone who may take up your places may want the room.
  • Good on you for organising this mate

    I'm really gutted as I'm already booked up for something else on the date you are going else I'd have loved to come along
  • Gutted to be missing this but will be visiting the Sub bases at St Nazaire on this day!

    Watch out for the awkward questions from @Imissthepeanutman
  • william ernest wray ,my grandfather ,a regular soldier (not a conscript or volunteer) was captured at Ypres in Oct 1914 and remained a POW until the end of the war...I have been to Ypres a couple of times if anyone on here hasnt but has the time for the above i would urge you to take up the opportunity
  • c'mon lads and lassies - 2 places to fill, don't miss a weekend away with some fellow lifers and some history thrown in for free
  • Hi Large is this for two together or could it be for one. If I can sort a babysitter my wife might go
  • Yes, one more will be fine. I'm assuming you already have a room booked but if it's a single the guy who has dropped out has a double/twin booked if you would be interested, if not he will cancel it.

    Please get back to me asap if you want to take one of the places.
  • BartramBlitz → LargeAddick
    Hi Large I checked my reservation and its already a double room. I am trying to get mother in law down to look after my kids. Can you hold that one ticket until lunchtime?
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  • LargeAddick → Bartram Blitz

    will hold for you, no worries
  • Would have loved to be able to do this, but can't due to work commitments....maybe someday!

    Have a good trip all.
  • one place left - don't delay, book today !!
  • one place to fill, anyone interested?
  • bumped just in case anyone out there may be interested
  • No photos?
  • edited July 2017

    No photos?

  • I've not heard from Mr Tatters. Is he pissed? (He's called Nick and looks like Father Jack).
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  • He told you he was going where..

    As long as he's eating the vegan diet he gets at home.....
  • Are you disrespecting my main man?
  • 'course not. I wish I could have joined him but my bladder doesn't do coach trips.
  • Neither does his but he's taken a pack of my Tenalady!!
  • I bet you are missing his cooking already
  • Ypres lifers now on shuttle heading back to Blighty.

    Fantastic trip. I really would have hated to miss this.

    More to follow no doubt.
  • Great trip. Many thanks to @LargeAddick and @SE7toSG3 and to Greg.
    Put our names down for the Somme trip.
    Mr & Mrs Fumbluff (the quiet ones)
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