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Disgraceful arrogance and bullying from the FAPL

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet.

Yesterday the chairman of Accrington Stanley spoke out. Is there anyone her who fundamentally disagrees with the thrust of his remarks?

The FAPL's response : "We will be writing to Mr Holt to ask him if he wishes the Premier League to continue the support we currently provide for his and other clubs in the EFL."

This tweet puts the figures into some perspective

That £3.4m salary will be Scudamore's. Consider how long he has been in that role. 20 years, I think. Consider how much money therefore he has personally banked in that time. (I think he was earning half a mill within 2 years of being appointed)

The Champions League final will be between Juventus and one of the Madrid clubs....


  • Unfortunately all the premier league cares about is letting Chinese companies sponsor the toilets in places like old trafford so they can take a cut and MUTV can get a couple more million subscribers who are being forced to like football because it's what their president is interested in
  • Really wish the Premier League would completely break away from the rest of the Football League.

    The twenty clubs in the Division at the time (even if that includes Crystal Palace and Millwall) can just go away, have their own sole League and do whatever they want, hopefully it'll result in people getting bored with no Domestic Cup competitions and no relegation etc. and it'll slowly just wilt away and die.

    The Championship can then become the top tier of English Football which can be properly controlled by the FA.

    The Premier League can even keep European Qualification yet please just go away now!!

    All the evidence from the American sports would suggest that it wouldn't wither and die though.

    I've been thinking about this since the BBC ran with the story and I think the only way this can be addressed would be from Government intervention. Maybe they should make all football matches to be accessible on free to air channels like they do with Wimbledon. Or introduce a new tax for TV revenues over a certain level and then share that money with the EFL clubs.

    Sadly though, the argument is that almost all football clubs fail to live within their means so giving them (the EFL clubs) more money won't really help as they will tend to spend more than 100% of the marginal revenue. It looks, to the outside world, that all clubs only stop spending (wasting) money with they can no longer find anyone to lend/give them more.

    I think a much more significant change will come about from Sky's inability to stop people from providing free streams of the games that they charge money for. In the end the issue won't be what the Premier League do with all the money they have, it will be how can they convince anyone to continue to pay them what they have got used to. When this happens I will really enjoy the likes of Scuntamore moaning to the press at how these evil people have taken all their money away and how they are struggling to pay the players enough to buy a new house every week.

    In the meantime I guess we have to be grateful for the £650k we get in 2017/18 and the £430k we get in 2018/19.
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    cabbles said:

    Or better still let them form the global breakaway league they keep talking about with all the top clubs. It will fall flat on its arse because you can't buy a culture, just like places like the MLS and China have and will find out.

    I don't think I watch any CL anymore. I know it can be breathtaking when you get games like PSG and Barcelona, but it can also be incredibly plastic

    In addition, if you go to football every week (I know some of us aren't because of circumstance at the moment), you can be footballed out. My passion as a supporter means I can stand in the pissing rain at Yeovil and get soaked to the bone for a 1-1 draw ahead of the prospect of watching Man Utd compete in the Dubai open and other silly 'brand' tournaments

    If I'm honest, If people don't get that then I question if they get football at all

    Cant remember the last time I bothered with the Champions League in all honesty...

    Was probably the Man Utd v Chelsea Final.

    Its just tiring though how every game has to be advertised to the hilt... i.e. ReUnited was Arsenal v Man Utd, Heavyweight week included a ton of derbies AND Burnley v Man Utd!! - Just stop, just because ONE meeting saw an excellent match 10-years ago doesnt mean that same fixture will produce the same sort of action every time going forward
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  • The FA set up the PL to spite the football League don't expect any help from them.
  • I have always argued that in order to put English football back into financial equilibrium, the FAPL as a separate entity needs to be disbanded, and responsibility for TV revenue distribution put back in the hands of a reformed FA, thus replicating the structure in Germany, where football at every level from grass roots to national team performs better than in England. Here is stark evidence to support my case, I would assert.

    The appalling arrogance and lack of accountability of the FAPL is summarised in their assumption that it is their money to dispense like alms money to the rest of football. It's not their money. It's our money. We are the stakeholders in this. Without us, it would not exist.

    Oh wait, some people will say, so much money comes from overseas now. So what? Try moving the FAPL lock stock and barrel to SE Asia and see how that works. The FAPL is part of English football. It is rooted here in its stadia, its traditions, its unique fan culture, which does not require some clown with a megaphone to tell fans when and what to chant. This was true long before the FAPL was created, and the former sales director of Yellow Pages started trousering shedloads of money for negotiating deals with TV companies that they are all falling over themselves to conclude. If you ask foreign fans to name top English clubs they've heard of, the names of Leeds, Blackburn, Bolton, Aston Villa Nottingham Forest and Sheffield Wednesday are more likely to be named than those of Watford, Bourenmouth or Crystal frigging Palace. There is no justification, for the FAPL to be a separate entity which dispenses the money generated by English football.

    There. I feel better now.

    Crikey... Never thought i would say this.... Well said.
  • The ignorant greedy c***s who run the game in this country are disgusting. They care nothing for grass roots football or the history of the game.

    Dislike the stupid PL intensely and all the plastic know nothing fans voicing their dumb views - some of the discussions on Talk Shite are thoroughly depressing.

    The parasitic agents are the icing on the cake.

    Football will die without support at the lowest level but those in charge don't give a shit.
  • The thing is that while clubs take the meager offerings from the PL, to keep themselves afloat, the PL will become richer and richer and also expect more and more in return for their "charity". The clubs are better off future proofing themselves and going part time, then telling the PL to stick it.
  • The premier league is set up to run as a business and is very successful at that. Despite any fluffy mission statements to the contrary the football, football clubs and football fans' welfare and interests are peripheral.

    It's shite but it's the reality. However if we all get fed up and everyone cancels their sky and BT subscriptions the revolution will happen that night. Until then fans just enable it all.

    The Chinese super league is gearing itself up to take over as the leading league in next 20 years so they would do well to take heed of that and stop disenfranchising their domestic audience as the global one is temporary. They won't though and will continue to milk it and disregard the very people and institutions that are the foundation of their rotten poxy soap opera circus the preside over. (Would still like us to get back up there though lolz).
  • Football will die without support at the lowest level but those in charge don't give a shit.

    Makes me wonder if Football at the highest level in England will die first.

    Fans of the big clubs dont need to go to the Grounds to watch their players... Kodi is going no where all the while 3pm games can be shown in China and the United States, as the price of tickets go up, the more people will be turned away from the Grounds in the Premier League and the more they'll be turned away from the SKY Subscriptions.

    Up until next season though fans of the Football League sides didnt have this opportunity available to them, if you want to see your side whether it be Charlton | Accrington or Newcastle every week the only choice you have is to go to the game and apart from the sides receiving parachute payments, because they've learnt to sustain themselves on smaller budgets, they'll suffer less when / if the Premier League ever crashes.

    Of course I say up until next season because the ability to watch every Football League game if you live outside of the UK will come into play and I'd be shocked if this Service wasn't limited to Kodi either.
  • Last week I watched Millwall v Scunthorpe on TV. Well as much as I could take. I don't know how much the players in those two teams were paid this season but whatever it was they were overpaid. I don't think tennis players or golfers ranked outside the world top 20,000 can expect to make a living out of playing the game they love so why should football players?
  • Would be nice to see a lot of the Football League owners coming out in support
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    It could be argued that we have too many professional clubs, but I think it is healthy. The Premier League was formed so the big clubs could have more power, and power equals money. We currently have a Premier League that is not the best League in the World - The Champions League would suggest Spain and Germany are well ahead of us, and Italy can make a claim for overtaking the Premier League too. Unlike the German league, the Premier league couldn't care less about the national team. Encouraging lower league clubs to develop talent would be a factor that helped. If you look at Premier League youth teams, they are full of foreigners! They should pay lower league clubs more, but who is going to make them?

    One thing I would like to see happen is to reward clubs outside of the Premier League who produce England internationals. So teams in the premier League or in receipt of parachute money would not be entitled to any money, but if an England International started at Crewe for instance, Crewe would recieve £1 million pounds for every 10 internationals they played - so a player gaining 50 caps would earn Crewe £5million. Peanuts to the Premier League, but providing lower league clubs an incentive to produce players and make it more likely that the Premier League has more English talent in it and the national team benefits!
  • In the past 5 years the Best League in the World™ has had just 2 Champions League semi-finalists (and no finalists).
  • To be fair to PL clubs, they are handicapped. They have to include a contingent of home grown English players in their squads. The players coming through the English coaching system are still mostly shit compared to the players coming through the coaching systems in the other CL countries.
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    To be fair to PL clubs, they are handicapped. They have to include a contingent of home grown English players in their squads. The players coming through the English coaching system are still mostly shit compared to the players coming through the coaching systems in the other CL countries.

    I don't think we should be fair to PL clubs as they don't deserve it! They could invest in more youth coaches - my idea would at least incentivise that through lower league clubs but we would still need more.
  • "How dare you feel like a peasant begging for scraps! Why I ought to threaten you and make you beg for that money. Then you'll see why you shouldn't feel like a beggar!"
  • I went to 'An evening with David Dein' a couple of years ago and it was nauseating. He couldn't see a single downside with the EPL.
  • When we finally leave the EU will English clubs be able to bring youngsters into their academies from Spain etc. ?
  • RedPanda said:

    To be fair to PL clubs, they are handicapped. They have to include a contingent of home grown English players in their squads. The players coming through the English coaching system are still mostly shit compared to the players coming through the coaching systems in the other CL countries.

    And that's because clubs were using so many foreign players, especially when compared to teams in other leagues.

    So there may be a homegrown rule, but there are still fewer Englishmen playing in the the top tier than there are Spaniards in Spain's, Germans in Germany's etc.

    Whilst blog hopping to double check some stuff I saw this: "From around 2002 to 2010, Germany invested approximately €520 million into its youth development system".

    "Cash held by #PremierLeague £1,305,697,000."
    Exactly, @RedPanda

    In Germany the DFB (their FA) who really run the game, took it by the scruff of the neck after the 2000 low point for German football. One of the things they did was make it mandatory for Bundesliga clubs to invest in an academy. I think the investment level was £1m, and at that time was not a small sum, as the Bundesliga then wasn't attracting big TV money. And what was the result? The terrifying continuous production line of young talent which ensures that I will probably never again see England beat Germany in a competitive match.

    So let's not talk about the PL being handicapped, except by the greed of their owners.

    @Uboat David Dein is one of the architects of this shitfest. I couldn't have attended that. I'd have been thrown out after losing my rag. I think Kevin Miles of the FSF wanted to throw me out of the Supporters Summit in Manchester for airing my views along these lines, but he could see I wasn't alone. But apparently it had been years since anyone had pointed to the elephant in the room at such a gathering, and people like Kevin Miles get too close to the black heart of power. That's part of the problem. They've got the national supporter groups in a headlock.

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