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Anyone out there ever had a problem with an online lottery scratchcard?

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Apart from the fact that you did not win a fortune on it...
The only reason I'm asking is a few months back, a mate of mine was saying how he had bought an online Lottery scratch card and the animations indicated that he had got the necessary symbol to indicate a win, and he then got it doubled and from memory, it meant a sizeable win of about £300. But at the end of the 'play' it did not award a prize.
At the time, I thought maybe he had just misread it somehow, but this morning something similar happened to me.
I was doing my lottery ticket online and like I occasionally do I did a scratchcard as well. This time I got a diamond symbol on a bonus game. You only needed one, and according to the card, I should have therefore won a £1.
But no win came up. Now, if you don't quite sign out of these games properly, it goes through it again, which this did, and again it clearly showed I should have won £1.
So I rang the lottery this morning, gave them the card reference, and said it was only a £1 win, but the animation definitely indicated a win.
She went away for a moment, and said that the card was not a win and there was nothing they could do.
She explained the wins were predetermined and that there was little chance of it going wrong. I said I knew these were not games of chance but that the card's animation most DEFINITELY indicated a winning card. She suggested next time taking a screenshot of the winning symbol, but as I pointed out, you don't know it is going to fail until it is too late!
It was clear they were not going to refund anything, and I said that as it was only a £1 win I would not have bothered ringing up unless it had genuinely gone wrong, but I met a stonewall.
So... all I can say to anyone who is mug enough like me to stick the occasional £1 on these scratch cards, it might be worth taking a screen shot of any winning combination, because it seems the National Lottery cannot view these animations once the game has been played and won't entertain any notion of them not working properly. I don't know if even that would be sufficient proof, but don't get too excited if you seem to have won until the card has completed, because, in my experience things are not always what they appear to be.


  • Write to the lottery regulator.
    There is obviously a glitch in the software and they need to sort it pronto before it happens on a major prize and somebody goes off a cliff because of it.
  • didn't even know you could do an on-line scratchcard, don't think work will be too happy if I damage my computer screen
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