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Stuart Leary

He would have been 84 today

Wonderful to have the likes of Stuart Leary to remember



  • Played in the fist game I saw at the Valley. Real nuisance of a centre-forward. Aggressive, bustling and skillful goalscorer.

  • One of my dad's all time favourite Charlton players, RIP
  • Never saw him play for us, but do remember him playing for Kent, great cricketer too.......
  • I remember the minutes silence at the first game of the season in 1988. I think it was against Liverpool. Some of their fans shouted and generally disrupted the minutes silence. Classy.
  • Quite simply the finest player I have seen in an Addicks shirt!
    He was Colin Cameron's all time favourite too.
    Way ahead of his time......he was not only an outrageously talented footballer but also an entertainer......a clown prince in many ways. I could go on for a fair old while talking about Stuart Edward all time sporting hero!
    Eddie Firmani always called him "The Governor"........that should tell you everything.
    Should have and most likely would have played for England but for The FA to change the eligibility rules just around the time fans and the media were calling for his inclusion.
  • Stuart Leary is my all time favourite Charlton player---incredibly skillful on the ball and although he had no real pace his brain was ahead of most of his opponents so he always made space in the box to score goals.
    As someone has already said he was an entertainer--I well remember him taking a penalty standing over the ball and sidefooting the ball into the corner. He also used to do a handstand on the halfway line facing a goal kick and kicking the ball back to the keeper.
    He was the original deep lying centre forward although Don Revie did it later and became more famous for it.
    I think I'm right in saying he committed suicide jumping from a cable car on Table Mountain in Cape Town.
  • I was behind that goal ........great memories.....
  • A huge fan, he was pure class, and a bloody good cricketer as well. I have my own personal tribute, phone and fuel passwords inscribed on my memory.
  • I was behind that goal ........great memories.....

    I was there as well(White Hart Lane of course)......we deserved a draw.
  • My grandma went out with him after my grandad died young. Wanted to move back to a South Africa with my dad, aunt and grandma.

    Good player from all accounts!
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    My late dad talked of Leary, Firmani, Summers and Bartram. I was brought up on these names as a halcyon era.
  • My favourite player great days going to the Valley we had some really good players.

  • Truly one of a kind.
  • Saw him a few times, although I was very young, and he was a terrific player
  • Was my favourite player as a young lad. Now it's Yann!
  • Highly rated by my uncle (who took me to my first game in 1967, and had watched the club since 1938). Reckoned he was as good a game changer and striker as Don Revie: who got the credit for being the 'first' deep lying forward and scooped up many England caps too.

    We wangled quite a significant fee out of QPR when he left in less than ideal circumstances in 1962.

    I met him once, at a Kent CC game in 1970.
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