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@coops1963 sponsored walk for Guys and St Thomas Coronary Unit

@coops1963 you keep posting on the activity page where most people won't see your messages so I've copied them over to hear. Good luck

Come on you Addicks I need you !!
On Sunday myself and a few friends will be walking to CAFC to raise money for Guys and St Thomas ' Coronary Care Unit who saved my brother Malcolm's life in 2014.
For those of you who remember Malcolm suffered a cardiac arrest in the East Stand on 29th April.
Without St Thomas' and Ryland's immediate care it would have been a different ending.
Let's celebrate Malcolm's recovery by giving something back to this amazing hospital.
Please support our walk at
Thankyou for never letting me down !! xx


  • Hello to all you amazing Charlton supporters.
    I am once again after your help.
    On Saturday it will be 3 years since my brother, Malcolm, suffered a cardiac arrest at The Valley.
    Every day we thank God for Ryland, who gave Malcolm immediate CPR and to the medics at Guys and St. Thomas' Hospital who fought tirelessly for 8 long weeks to save his life.
    On Sunday 30th April my work friends and I are walking from Eltham to The Valley and back to raise funds for this amazing hospital.
    This is where you come in.
    Please would make a donation, even £1 will be a great help, by visiting my Just Giving Page at
    [email protected] .
    Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
    If I see you at The Valley on the 30th I will thank you personally.
    Anne xx
  • my Just Giving Page address is www.just
  • Morning Henry, had my first heart op at St . Thomas, any chance I can make a cash donation Saturday, I guess you'll be busy I, someone to pass it on maybe? Jon.
  • Nothing to do with me, Jon, just trying to help @coops1963 as she didn't know how the site works and admin like @cabbles let her down
  • Thanks I'll do the link thingy.
  • Thanks curb it, I'll send a donation later.
  • Nothing to do with me, Jon, just trying to help @coops1963 as she didn't know how the site works and admin like @cabbles let her down

    He won't respond to that until later, he's round "Bartram Towers" running some errands. ;)
  • Done hope it helps.
  • Thankyou so very much for your donation Jon you are amazing . We've got to help this fantastic hospital that does such miraculous things every day !. My lovely brother is living proof
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  • Hope you're all well , glad to help, J.
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