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What if KR wins out the rest of the season? Stay or go?

We've now won 2 and drew 1 in our last 3.

What if he wins-out the rest? Or goes out with a win-draw?

Does he stay? Should he?

I lean "no" but a lot (maybe everything) depends on a new owner.



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    Not his biggest fan, but even if we don't win lose the next two I'd keep him.

    Firstly, it doesn't matter too much who's managing if we don't assemble a decent team in the summer. And secondly, I just don't think it's worth the upheaval either way.

    He's had a tough start with a team he largely inherited and so have many managers - not all turn out to be dross. Not gonna write him off yet, even though he gets on my tits.
  • Why sack another manager ? Calling for his head makes us hypocrites when we complained about how many managers RD has gone through.
  • No thanks and that is how the new owners will see it too, only way he is still in the dugout next season is if we are still owned by RD.
  • If RD still owns us then it makes no difference who manages us. If we're sold he can follow Meire out the door. Poor signings, poor tactics and just so unlikeable.
  • Constantly changing managers is wrong and unhealthy to potential long term success, but end of the day if all the managers are not very good, with the big mixture of the owner not giving them normal required free will and a big enough squad, then the inevitable happens.

    My personal opinion is that he is not good enough for the charlton job and he has drastically under performed. Whether that's effort, lack of ability or lack of experience.
    He f*cked up.
    He should be sacked. It's because he was the wrong person for the job to begin with, however, there really is no right person at the moment due to the severe problems behind the scenes and the fans enormous disapproval due to idiots not taking enough care of the club.

    If new owners come in, they should stick with Robinson until his form and performance as a manager evidently becomes sackable, under the new owners.
    The pressure will be on for KR.

    That could take 3 weeks, or it could take 2 years. Most likely the former.

    They should stick with him to begin with. 4 competitive games of the new season.

    2/3 wins out of those, minimum.

    4 wins. Just about ok.

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    If RD still owns us then it makes no difference who manages us.

    Leeds fans probably said the same about Cellino then along came Garry Monk.

    I'm torn on this. KR has hardly been a roaring success and I am far from convinced by his self promotion or his track record from MK Dons. I didn't really fancy him when we appointed him and I still don't. That said, we have to, at some point, draw a line in the sand and give a manager a proper chance to fix this basket case of a club.

    Unless you can guarantee me someone with a much more convincing record will replace him, then I am inclined to give him the summer and allow him to sign his own players.

    Ultimately doesn't really matter what I think though, it is what Roland or the new owners think and do that will matter.
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  • .......and replace him with who?

    Robinson has his faults but sacking ANOTHER manager after less than a season is just stupidity.

    Give him a close season and let's see what he can do - I have my doubts about him but we have got to get stability on the playing side.

    This is even more important given the clusterfuck on the ownership side.
  • The squad currently comprises signings made by Parkinson, Peeters, Luzon, Fraeye and Slade as well as Robinson. It's a mess a squad compiled by 6 different Charlton managers. We need stability and ideally a squad all assembled by 1 manager with a good 2-3 years in an ideal world. Will we get this with Robinson? Highly doubtful but we won't ever get this if a new manager keeps coming through the revolving door every 6 months.

    Once Robinson's had a full summer transfer window there's no more excuses, he would have had the same one summer transfer window (plus a bonus January window) and a 2nd half of a season going nowhere that Chris Powell also had.

    If after 10 league games we don't have at least 18 points on the board then by all means review Robinson's position.
  • I agree that we need continuity and consistency, but I would rather we get that through a Director of Football, who ensure continuity of signings and footballing vision for when managers don't succeed.

    I think that if we try to find another talented, young(ish) British manager capable of growing with a young, talented team, we'll see there is a real dearth there. I would personally look to a foreign manager. Marcelo Bielsa is available, right? I can think of nothing better for a tactics anorak than to try his hand at third tier English football.

    I don't think Robinson is great, but I also think he was given a difficult job, especially losing Lookman and Fox. I also think he would like to try playing a certain type of football that he has been unable to play this season. Some of that is down to not having the right players, I think a fair amount is down to constant injuries, but I still think he should have gotten more out of this team.

    I really don't know. Sacking a manager is only a good decision if their predecessor does well. I think Slade was really found out here, even if his record was better (he had a largely fully fit squad that included Lookman and Fox). I think Robinson was a good move from there. But I don't know if he's good enough to take us to the Championship. That said, I don't see a whole lot of managers kicking around who would be good enough...
  • Tarbuck can do one along with those twats from Belgium.

    That's just my considered opinion.

    ps. SD you like me don't see the games - so how you can say Tarbuck is better than Slade based on this season's debacle I do not know. It's a results business & Tarbuck has failed abysmally on that level.
  • Makes no difference... until RD et all is gone the club basically has cancer...
  • mascot88 said:

    Makes no difference... until RD et all is gone the club basically has cancer...

  • Keep because I'd miss the pre/post match interviews where he just talks and talks and talks and talks

    Also want another one of those brentesque style transfer deadline day pieces where Karl shuffles around in front of the camera complaining about the behaviour of other clubs.

    I still to this day do not know what to make of it
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  • We need a manager who is not a yes man whoever the owners. KR is a serial yes man.
  • Do we want to improve our ranking or not?
  • Its not like our run in has been that difficult though, apart from Southend were playing four teams that could easily all end up relegated come Sunday week.

    (1) We shouldnt be where we are in the League
    (2) We should be beating teams in those positions regardless
  • All irrelevant. Get your head out of the sand. All that is important is new owner.
  • Dazzler21 said:

    Same owner - keep.

    New owner - get rid.

    Exactly this. I don't particularly like the guy, his record is terrible and his pre match ritual of explaining to all and sundry 1 hour before kick off about how we're going to set up and play winds me up. Having said that, i genuinely don't see how any manager takes this club forward under this ownership so to be honest it doesn't really matter who we have in charge.

    If RD is still in charge, then he might as well stay and at least be given the chance to bring in players who can actually play in the formation he wants to play.

    If RD sells, then he'll be out the door the next day anyway.
  • When will fans realise it makes fuck all difference who the manager is ?
  • shine166 said:

    When will fans realise it makes fuck all difference who the manager is ?

    When they stop judging a player, after one match.
  • shine166 said:

    When will fans realise it makes fuck all difference who the manager is ?

    When they stop judging a player, after one match.
    Ah, you mean never then ?
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