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#Unity Protest 4th March - Accounts from those there

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Thought we'd try something different. There is the other Unity Protest thread running for general chit chat

Think it would be great if we had one thread that was simply the accounts of those there. No chit chat posts, can be 50 words or a thousand. No replies from anyone else, just accounts from those there.

Let's see how it goes


  • Herded through quiet streets in the rain. Got nowhere near duchatelet and didn't feel most there tried to interact with anyone other than other Charlton fans. Thoroughly well organised as an outing but as for impact, if the objective was to embarrass him, or to form unity with St Truiden fans, I didn't feel we were collectively effective this time.
  • Protests are ongoing. So proud to have been part of a special day. Time will tell how effective it has been.
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  • Oh, apologies for not saying hello to the other Lifers on the coach, but I didn't realise.
  • No mention in de Zontag.
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