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Handyman in Maidstone

Does anyone know of someone they can recommend that can do 'projects' that could be termed DIY, that are beyond those of us that work in an office and are more Nerds than Handymen.

I have a kitchen worktop that needs sanding and varnishing or oiling and I've been quoted what seems like a lot of money to do the job.

I also have a few other things that I want done over time but sifting through Check-a-Trade is depressing and I'm never completely sure I trust their ratings - I've had builders in before that offered to reduce the price on completion if I allowed them to complete their own review.


  • Done properly it probably would be a fair size bill but you pays your money and you get the job done to that standard. Surely a job most are capable of making a reasonable fist off.

    Depending on the existing surface finish; work through finer grades of abrasive down to about 240grit, always with the grain. If the surface is reasonably good to start use 0000 wire wool and take the shine off. Don't go for varnish, oil, very light coats and build up the finish, this will take time as the oil has to dry, (over night is choice when doing this part). Rub down lightly between coats with 0000 wire wool and dust off, also use a tack cloth to remove the small amounts of dust.
  • Give Addickted a call, he's your man in Maidstone for all do it yourselfie type thingys.
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