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Super Clive

Just been for a beer with an Everton fan who lives in Newcastle. He told me he was speaking to super Clive who now works at Nissan.........brought back so many happy memories:-).

How I hate these fucking owners :-(.


  • See the CARD Advent Calendar thread today. You'll love it.
  • Sad to say, he blew all his dosh in the bookies!
  • at least jobs at Nissan are fairly well paid and reasonably secure .. good luck to Mendonca, without him I doubt that we would ever have got to the Premier League
  • Sad to say, he blew all his dosh in the bookies!

    I didn't know that. That is a shame, as it is for anyone who can't control their gambling.

    On a lighter note, there was a joke when Parker was at Chelski and not getting a game. "Three Chelsea players are spending all their spare time in the bookies, ... and ..., who have serious gambling habits, and Scott Parker who'll do anything to get out of the house.
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