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NEW CARD video: Free speech day

Are you ready for 'Free speech day' on Saturday? Our latest video quotes the European Convention on Human Rights, Roland Duchatelet, Katrien Meire and an unidentified steward...

We want to see your banners at the match at Saturday's match against Chesterfield. Full protest details are here: Bring your own banner to Chesterfield



  • very good
  • Excellent presentation as always.
  • Superb!
  • Wasn't going but really tempted now, this makes me proud to be Charlton
  • Brilliant video, best so far in my opinion.
    Really wish I could be there :(
  • edited October 2016

    Canters is famous!!!

    Which one are you in the Video?
  • Canters is famous!!!

    Which one are you in the Video?
    The one whos flag is being removed...
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  • Canters is famous!!!

  • CHG said:

    Again, really good stuff. They really did buy the wrong club.

    I think they know that very well :smiley: Does no harm to keep reminding them at every opportunity though :wink:
  • Great video
  • I'm definitely taking in a banner that says 'WE ALL LOVE THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM'

    It can then be sung to the tune of yellow submarine.

    Let's see if those are words that are not allowed to be used in the stadium. ;)
  • jamescafc said:

    Great video

    I'm expecting a banner saying "leave c4fc4l1f3 alone Tony"

  • Brilliant video.

    C4FC4L1F3 is innocent ! (so is Bill Posters).
  • brilliant. not going on saturday but can't wait to see the results
  • (not of the actual game tho obviously)
  • Spot on as always. Will be there with my banner.
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  • Very good indeed. Made me angry. Why don't they just leave?
  • It's interesting Katrien is so committed to free speech a condition of her radio interview at talk sport appears to be no Charlton fans interviewed for the rest of the day to rebut her more outrageous untruths.
  • edited October 2016
    Let's fill the stadium with banners. Charlton fans, this is our moment! If you weren't going - go to this game! Make a banner out of bedsheets - whatever!!!!
  • Belgians Out !
  • Excellent can't wait free buffet this way sue Parkes.
  • This was free speech and allowed for years;
    Yet amusing banners are not ?
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Roland Out!