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The week that was - Wed 13th May 1998. Charlton 1 Ipswich 0

Play-off semi-final 2nd leg. Charlton Athletic 1 (1) (Newton 36) Ipswich Town 0 (0) The Valley. Att 15,488.

Charlton: Ilic, Barness, Bowen, K Jones, Rufus, Youds, Newton, Kinsella, S Jones (Mortimer 82), Bright, Heaney. Unused subs: Allen, Brown.

Ipswich: Wright, Stockwell, (Sonner 36), Taricco, Dyer, Venus, Cundy, Uhlenbeek, Holland, Johnson, Mathie, (Scowcroft 61), Petta. Unused sub: Clapham.

Referee: Mr E Wolstenholme.

Record equalled: Ilic kept his ninth consecutive clean sheet, equalling the club record for all competitions set by Fred Wood some 74 years earlier.

The game was played with a roofless West Stand which was being prepared for expansion.


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    one of, if not the best atmosphere i've ever experienced at The Valley. Even with that roof off, everyone was singing and it was blinkin loud.

    Can't believe it was 9 years ago, even though i was only 15 i remember shouting so loudly when Newts scored that i thought i was going to have a heart attack, i was exhausted.
  • One of my most favourite Charlton memories that night. When Newts blaster went in I went absolutely nuts.
  • Absolutely my best day at the valley ever. I was right at the front of the roofless west stand and the noise was incredible. What a day/ evening!

    And seeing a tv interview with Richard Murray afterwards when you just knew first and foremost, he was a fan.

    Great memories!
  • Quality night and chant of wemberley, wemberley went on for about 20 minutes
  • Best atmosphere I've experienced at the Valley

    better than the first match back even
  • It was a really hot and humid night and I went home drenched in sweat and absolutely exhausted.
  • I was in the Jimmy Seed that night and had a grandstand view of Newt's shot going in!

    I endorse all the other comments re the tremendous atmosphere at the match!
  • I was in the Jimmy Seed stand as well!Brilliant night in the Oak after
  • Yup me too was in the Jimmy seed, as that is where my ST was. We had our own songs and everything, and i dont remember any of them!
  • Great night. Never looked like losing after Newts scored.

    All those gobby Ipswich fans telling us they would win the second leg 4-0 as we came out of Portman Rd. Ha Ha
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  • Remember getting home at about 12.45 am and waking the whole road up singing, "we're going to Wembley"
  • amazing atmosphere that night

    the away leg a few days earlier was pretty good as well...
  • didn't we hold up score cards for Taricco's shameless play acting???

    fab night, i remember a good few of my mates who are st's were in spain on a stag do and were gutted they couldn't go!
  • I was seriously worried that I'd lost my voice for two days after. I was struggling after the first leg. Never heard a noise like that from a crowd of that size before, it was rocking.
    Happy days indeed.
  • [cite]Posted By: mart77[/cite]didn't we hold up score cards for Taricco's shameless play acting???

    I took some along - think we wound up using them on that Dutch bloke (linked with us, went to Celtic at some stage) more.
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    Bobby Petta Bread?

    or Reuser the Snoozer?
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Bobby Petta

    That be him.
  • That was the night when my mate put a traffic cone on to the club shop roof after chucking out time at The Oak.It stayed there for weeks. He also fell backwards and landed on his head, luckily too pissed to hurt too much.LOL
  • Thought I'd bump this one too for some of the newer members.
  • I had not realised that Super Clive did not play that night - was he injured?
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  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Ormiston Addick[/cite]I had not realised that Super Clive did not play that night - was he injured?[/quote]

    Must have been, Mills was suspended for the red card in the away leg.
  • what an atmosphere that night, for once the whole of the charlton crowd was passionate rather than 10%
    aaaaah the good old days
  • probably my favourite evere home game - the Ipswich fans were up for it too, a real old school atmosphere
  • best atmosphere i can remeber since we went back,sat in front of oohaah and his cronies that night.
  • now i wish i was in the playoffs this season why the feck have you bumped it.

    let us stay in sorrow silently
  • Gutted that I couldn't go. Had the jitters all day, tried to stay away from any sports news whilst the game was on, got the result from Sky and went ballistic!!

    Seen the tape of Newts goal many, many times. Quality strike!
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    brilliant night - brilliant goal unbelievable atmosphere.
  • I went to the home and away game against Ipswich that season. Where Mendonca ran round Wright to put us 1-0, we ending up loosing 3-1. We couldn't get a ticket for the first leg as, according to my dad, it was sold out by the directors and season ticket holders. I couldn't get tickets for the second leg as my dad claimed it was over 18s only and he went with a mate. When I found out that he lied (a mate who didn't even support Charlton at school was at the game) he claimed it was because he thought I wouldn't make enough noise...
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