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The 'fans' behind the goal vs Welling

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Apologies if there's already a thread on this...

One word. Embarrassing.


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  • Sad pricks
  • Disgraceful little shit bags. Embarrased That we have dickheads like that supporting our club. Glad that some of em got a clump
  • Oh the joys of yoof ! It's was annoying but harmless. Xx welling away two smoke bombs and two pitch invasions is a bit extreme !
  • And for those of us who werent there?

  • Smoke !
  • sam3110 said:

    And for those of us who werent there?

    Basically set off half a dozen flares over the course of the game, a few youngsters pitch invaded and when the security guys went in to kick them out (they done it twice and pushed over one of the stewards) and then some of the olders ones started squaring up to them like a right load of knobs. Had to get old bill in to escort a couple out
    There was only one 'Load of knobs' involved- and it wasn't the 'older ones'.
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  • I was more annoyed at the grown men disrupting the efforts of the security team. What a bunch of pond life.
  • They were kids who were clearly about 12 years old.

    If they didn't receive the attention they would've done it.
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    colin1961 said:

    these morons have attached themselves to our club, they are an embrassment to themselves ....
    This is down to CARD who have now lost control of these idiots not calling them supporters because there not ...
    CARD has to come out and condone this behaviour because they are losing support of normal fans because they had enough of this nonsense .....

    Hope the parents of those idiots are proud of them this evening ...

    How the hell s it down to card? Jesus Christ, a couple of kids ran on the pitch and there were a couple of smoke bombs. Big deal.

  • Why? Just Why?
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  • Let's hope they get banned.
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    I knew I recognised them from somewhere.
  • horse whipping is too good for em
  • Bexleyheath massive
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    It was probably a load of local shits with nothing better to do on Saturday. I bet only a couple were even Charlton 'fans' and the rest supported other clubs. Can't even afford to get too and into the valley on a Saturday so won't even see them this year. Wouldn't worry about it.
  • CAFCOlly said:

    I knew I recognised them from somewhere.

    Is it just me, but why do so many white kids in London talk like they're the 'Windrush generation'
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