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Johan Berg Gudmundsson - Burnley bid accepted



  • Thanks boss
  • great player i wish him well
  • £2.5m + 1m potential add ons.

    See that as a fair deal?
  • £2.5m + 1m potential add ons.

    See that as a fair deal?

    Excellent deal. That's the kind of money to fund a promotion.
  • So it begins,the first of many.Lets hope the replacements stand as a team.
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    He was disinterested, rubbish, and didn't show any passion glad to see the back of him.........

    All jokes aside, a great player and should be playing at a higher level. I feel if he is off to the premiership then we could get a higher fee looking at other fees thrown about.
  • Good move for both us and him tbh. A good fee and he's a top championship power prem player.
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  • £2.5m + 1m potential add ons.

    See that as a fair deal?

    In all honesty, in our position and with our particular master negotiator, that genuinely is about as good a deal as we could realistically get. And with it being Burnley you'd think there's a pretty decent chance of most of those add-ons coming up trumps.
  • Good luck to him.

    For me and Roo he has been one of the best players we have seen at Charlton over the last two years of season tickets since Roo has been old enough to watch football.

    He's Roo's favourite by miles.

    I think he's a sad loss to the club but given he must have been promised premiership challenging when he signed his improved deal last season and then nothing close to that was delivered as a squad, totally expected him to move on.

    For that money, I think he's a bargain for Burnley.
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    All the best Johann , hope it works out for you,
  • Not a premiership player, goes missing too much, not someone I'd want in a long season battling relegation in the prem. Best of luck to him, too good for us.
  • Decent price for a good player. All the best JBG.
  • Good luck to him. Will remember the goal he scored against Cardiff a couple of Christmas' ago for a long time.

    But Burnley? FFS. Will be a culture shock to him when he moves up there that's for sure.

    It's in his way home to be fair - indeed a crow flying from The Valley to Iceland would virtually go over Burnley.
  • Not Burnley.
    Burnley can [email protected]@k off.
  • Be really interested to see him in the prem as I'm not sure he's quite at that level but he definitely is a quality player and have enjoyed watching him for the last couple of years. Joining a great club and manager too. Thought we'd get a bit more for him going to the Prem if I'm honest, but then again look who does our negotiating!
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  • He is a decent player. Nothing more. Will be interesting to see how he fairs in the Premiership.
  • Good deal for both sides. Dyche will do well with him.
  • Happy for him, hope he does well.
  • He was always going to leave.

    By usual Charlton standards the fee is not too bad.

    A decent player at times when not AWOL but I always felt there was more there that we only saw glimpses of.

    Good luck to him. We've had far worse!
  • Good deal for both sides. Dyche will do well with him.

    I imagine he'll have to play like he did for Iceland in the Euros, and do lots of defensive work, whereas we didn't expect so much of it from him
  • Be interesting to see what he's got once in the prem.

    I wish him well. Was quite angry about his performances from Oct - March but overall he was a good player for us.

    And now we've got the money to go get James Henry
  • Aren't Gills demanding something like £4m for Dack? And Oxford £3-4m for Roofe? Seems pretty poor to me.

    Yeah, it feels low to me as well, especially off the back of a tournament where he's done quite well. But as we've already covered nobody has any ideas about transfer fees and it's all a false economy anyway.
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