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Champions League final

You can imagine the hype over here already after both teams got through to the final this week.

Who's going to win it and who do you want to win it? I am hoping Atletico can do another job over the swanky city rivals and get their revenge for being robbed in 2014.

Simeone's not everyone's cup of tea though...


  • Don't really like Simeone but will still be rooting for the underdog, think it would mean more to Atletico.
  • Simeone deserves it. Fantastic tactical manager.
  • Modric and Ronaldo to be the difference IMO
  • Don't like Simeone but what a manager he is, he's fantastic.
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    Atletico deserve it. They have the best manager in the world currently and have beaten the tougher opponents on the way to the final.

    If Modric and Kroos in the middle play well then it'll be a tough night for them though.
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    I don't like watching Athletico, but i admire how tough to beat they are, they make defending an art, Godin is a tank and Griezmann oozes quality up front, I think Athletico will do Real as long as they can keep 11 players on the pitch.
  • I really hope that Atlético can do it and I'll be rooting for them, especially given Real Madrid's sense of entitlement.

    Atlético have only a fraction of the resources of Real or Barca and, in recent years, have seen star players like Aguero, Falcao and Costa snapped up by wealthier clubs. They still manage, however, to unearth fresh talent and you have to admire Simeone's abilities as a coach and motivator (only 16 La Liga goals conceded this season), even though he is a master of the dark arts.
  • Zidane
  • Simeone deserves it. Fantastic tactical manager.

    Agreed on that, but still a grade A c***.
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  • I think Atletico will win.
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