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Having just watched the Centenary You Tube link posted by dearest Rodney Charlton Trotter, well done mate, a timely reminder.

In the 111 years (100 of which are covered) there has certainly been some very, very low points indeed!

Never in my opinion have the "owners" of the club managed to alienate the fan base in the manner and to the extent that the Douche Bag regime has now achieved.

After what this club has been thru; "Douche Bag you will loose"

A football club cannot sustain itself without the backing of its fans!

We will likely go and beat Burnley next week just to underline what a completely ludicrous and stupid relegation we've been forced to endure!



  • They say that its always darkest just b4 dawn and fate may dictate that something positive is just on the horizon. Keep protesting and your spirits up!!
  • This is bad yep,at the moment this feels BAD,but how about the owner of the club telling you to share with a stain of a club in the mid 80s
  • This is bad yep,at the moment this feels BAD,but how about the owner of the club telling you to share with a stain of a club in the mid 80s

    1984 was bad but by the end of that season we won promotion to the top league for the first time in decades. So, 2015-16 is still in contention for worse ever season.
  • Godstone said:

    This is bad yep,at the moment this feels BAD,but how about the owner of the club telling you to share with a stain of a club in the mid 80s

    1984 was bad but by the end of that season we won promotion to the top league for the first time in decades. So, 2015-16 is still in contention for worse ever season.
    The bankruptcy was in 83/84

    The promotion (and leaving the Valley season) was 85/86
  • This season, we failed to beat any of the current bottom 10 (excluding us of course) at home.
    That is relegation form, and we have been a very poor team this season.

    Mak - cupping his ears at Rotherham, then couldn't hit a cow's ass with a banjo for the next 4 months.
    Poyet - can't get in the MKD team, so he comes to us and can't get in our team either.
    Sarr - dubious ability
    Bergdich - dubious ability
    Roger J - 18 month contract given to him 6 months too late
    Ba - humbug
    Vaz Te - no ta
    Reza - a push-over
    Ceballos - no talent

    That's about a third of our squad.

    The question is - will we learn from this for next season?
    KM has said that we will be "competitive", which is a totally meaningless phrase, and probably means we are trying not to get relegated again.

    Think about our L1 winning squad from a few years back:


    The current rag bag are nowhere near as good.
  • We will either die, or he will leave... it's a race to find out which...

    It's good for us to stay positive, but at times it is very hard, as the blood boils and the anger rises...

    But we are in a war of attrition and we have to win or there will no longer be a CAFC. There is no workable solution.

    We have a cancer in the club and although we may have stopped it's growth it's all a question of if it's already too late...
  • Sod that, Im watching the centenery DVD.. this no mark has no fucking idea who hes dealing with ... we will get him out and the bump will send us on a up tick...
  • It's never been as bad as this I don't think.

    Of course there are key points in our history such as losing the valley and having to ground share at selhurst park. These dark days also brought light days such as when we returned to the valley...
    I wasn't born during these periods but even though the ground share sounds awful, I wish I experienced it.

    I know too many fans that simply would just rather be doing something else with their saturdays then watch Charlton. It's sad. The protests are the only interesting thing happening at the valley now.

    We have a unique kind of er fan experience where you can watch apparent young stars of the premier league, meet up with friends have a drink and feel a souless empty void and hurt that Charlton will never be what it used to be and in katriens words .....,..we must accept it.

    Charlton was such a great club and a great club to support.

    It is no longer the same on almost every level.

    The only thing keeping this clubs heart and soul alive is the fans and the protests.

    In terms of football...its apathy. No one cares whether we win or lose ....or its to a much lesser extent. I bet relegation didn't really pull at the heartstrings that much this time around. Very unlikely.

    I don't know if football has evolved into something that is no longer as enjoyable or passionate as it used to be...or we've just been dealt a really weird unique shit hand falling into the mad depressing boring world of Roland Duchatelet.

    Roland Duchatelet has and had his vision for what he wanted Charlton to turn into. That's actually ok.
    If along the way it makes people severly unhappy or dis-interested then that is kind of a good indicator it's backfired and you should jog on and start a new project somewhere else. We all know the plan and idea RD wanted for Charlton, it wasn't nasty or secretly evil, it was just unsellable and the idea is not an exciting or fun thats good enough reason to spend money. Its just arguably a waste of someone's time.

    You can meet up with your friends go round someone's house as a meeting point and watch premier league football on TV.
    The beer is cheaper. It's free entry. You are watching actual stars of the premier league whether or not they are young or old.
    Or you could just go to the pub....

    That's more of a sellable idea even for Charlton fans.

    I still love Charlton but the love started for a reason. If I was a kid and my dad took me to my 1st game in the present, it would probably put me off football....

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  • edited May 2016
    colin1961 said:

    This is no where near ...coming to within 15 mins of the name Charlton Ath disappearing completely was the lowest, lot of people protesting could never have known that the club ever exsisted .... plus losing the valley and playing at selhurst ..... So no this is no where near

    And it's because of injuries.

    Our worst times are yet to come i believe.

    This lot will well and truly bury us.
  • colin1961 said:

    What like Gliksten, Hulyer did .... RD a pussycat compared to those two

    You must be mental if you think that.

    A man who doesn't care what division we are in or what state the infrastructure of the club is and yet still refuses to sell is far more of a threat.
  • It would be oh so easy if we believed like colin1961, no stress about our club, contending yourself with the thought, it will come right in the end. UTOPIA (A utopian society (/juːˈtoʊpiə/ yoo-toh-pee-ə) is a community or society, or football team, that, in theory, possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities.)
  • Any berk of an owner that somehow manages to turn a longstanding generational fan base against him in 2 years is an idiot that deserves to be run out of town.
  • I am clinging to the hope that he will soon die.
  • Forgive me if I paraphrase the great Winston Churchill when he stated in the dark days of 1940 when we were threatened with invasion..."if we lose a new Dark Age will come forth." OK this isn't a life or death situation but I believe this petty dictator and his minions truly threaten the life of this great club. If we don't get this evil man out of our club, in the words of private Fraser from 'Dad's Army', "We're doomed I tell you, doomed!"
  • What is the lowest position that we have finished in the League?
  • ANY worthy owner of ANY worthy company would have fired their "interim CEO" by now based on recent performance. That he hasn't proves how out of touch he is, and what a threat he is to the future of OUR club.
  • NiornIrishaddick got it spot on. This lot haven't finished fucking the club up yet so it's no use comparing to past regimes. I agree that Hulyers actions led to us leaving The Valley but thankfully it wasn't terminal and we recovered but if this crowd stay who knows what will happen. The "We will be competitive" is ambiguous does it mean we will try and do a Wigan? Very doubtful or does it mean that we will try not to get relegated again, more likely. So with that as an aim I can see League 2 looming very fast as we will probably be loaded with a bunch of no-hopers from the network.

    If Colin1961 really thinks this isn't as bad as in the past he is as deluded as Duchatelet. The ONLY thing that will save this club is if RD sells up and we get new owners who not only have the means to improve the playing side of the club but also understand Football in this country and know what is required to get success.

    So yes these are the darkest times
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