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The alternative Valley Floyd Road

All their plans have unravelled
Their ways are obscene
Fucking up Charlton our favourite team
Every thing that they say adds more fuel to the fire
Singing Valley Floyd Road
Let's pray for a buyer

More than happy for any suggestions to improve on it!


  • Absolutely love this - sums up things nicely and I can see it being sung at our munificent owners by way of a not so subtle hint!

    Great work!
  • Alternative fourth line:

    Everything that she says makes her more of a liar
  • Type it on handouts - and ask everyone to sing at a specific time.
  • Absolute genius. Almost made me choke on my dinner reading it. Hope Katrien reads it and it does the same for her (except the almost).
  • Alternative fourth line:

    Everything that she says makes her more of a liar

    Yes this for the fourth line, but great work Oakster
  • This is fantastic! However you see so many great song lyrics on herre that never take off on a match day. the Burnley game is so special it would be great if CARD could get these words printed on another alternative programme/team sheet given out by the volunteers before the game and urging fans to sing them at a certain time. it would be such a powerrful way getting our pent up frustration across to use VFR.
  • Hope it takes off!
  • Can anyone do an alternative Red Robin?
  • Valley Floyd Road, red mist rolling in from the fans
    Our desire, to find a new owner
    For Valley Floyd Road

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  • Deserves a bump
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