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Thank you Brighton

Didn't see a similar thread but thought it was worth opening one so we can give our thanks to the excellent Brighton fans who joined in with the protests today and stood up for our cause.

You'll always be a friend of Charlton. Thank you!


  • hope you get promoted as well.
  • Never liked the town that much but I will always like the football club after today. Hope they go up.

    Though I'm still a little pissed off for them not showing up against palace in the play offs. I guess they arnt pleased about it either.
  • brilliant .Thanks Brighton ,very special.
  • Real class from their fans, hope they go up
  • I've always liked Brighton not least because I am member of Sussex CCC in Hove, but they have become my second club. Good luck to them - I hope they get promoted.
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  • Spoke to many when I was giving out balloons pre match.

    All very supportive.

    Good luck in the Prem.

  • Thanks Brighton and Hove Albion FC your fans support for our cause was 1st class today.
  • Pure class from them today.
    Hope they go up.
  • Simply thanks BHA. True football fans united.
  • Thanks very much Brighton fans.
  • Can't add anything other than to say thankyou. I'll be cheering for your promotion.
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  • Good bunch the Brighton lot.
  • Well, I know who I want to get automatic promotion...
  • Their solidarity was much appreciated. It helps to know that fans of other clubs understand where we are coming from. Shame the owner seems unable to take the point - it's hardly been put over in a subtle fashion....
  • I do hope they're not relying on us beating Burnley to clinch automatic promotion. I know we'd love to help out, but can't see us managing it.
  • They were absolute quality today from start to finish. A mention also in dispatches for the few from Blackpool too, we share your pain guys!

    Yep big thank you to the Blackpool fans from me as well. Didn't have to come down but did. Get those oyston bastards out!
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