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Answer on A Postcard.

Does anyone have the answer to our present problem?Personally I can't see one.It seems that R.D is just playing Chess with clubs moving pieces around till he wins.Checkmate.Could a mass boycott of games help,but you would ever get 100% , might he sell,then? If there was someone willing to buy,whats to say they would be any better.


  • Mike Ashley?
  • Colin Sams.
  • I went to a reserve team game and took a photo of Zak Ansah. I printed off the photo. I then cut out a rectangular piece of card measuring 5.8" by 4.1". I stuck the picture of Zak on the card.

    I had achieved Ansah on a postcard.

    I nearly flagged that , that was so bad!
  • Personally Derek, I think we are f***ed.

    Really can't see a positive outcome at the mo.
  • Just feels so shit at the mo, nothing to make me do the 4 hour round trip, a network feeding into Charlton - good, any thing else stinks, even if it was Real Madrid. We are Charlton.
  • Simon Jordan's still on the lookout for a new club
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