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Going in the right direction

Off the back of a defeat is the right time to highlight it.

the pitch looks fantastic, we've a mix of decent foreign players and young local lads finding their way. We are playing decent stuff, and just copped a sucker today.
The lady thAt s running the show on top of the money man is well respected and seems like she is getting this club. The manager is an oversize character people have warmed to.

We are not in a bad place. Don't expect or demand too much, just get behind OUR CLUB.

Charlton till I die


  • Isn't it amazing that we have to remember this... After our first home defeat of the season, nearly in December?

    Progress indeed. I think there's some frustration ahead whilst we get ahead of ourselves. At the end of the day though, this is a club to be proud of, keeping its identity whilst rising again. Enjoy it.
  • Hic

    Not sure what me being pissed has to do with it to be honest. I'm choosing to praise in defeat, because I think we were hard done and its a good point to take stock of where we are and evaluate. We've moved forward and had 'one of those days' today.

    Don't know if you were there today mate or not. Am I talking bollocks?

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    Nope not talking bollox, just enjoy drunk afka posts as you say what you think not mod afka posts

    I agree with all of it, I thought we looked and played better in a ground that looked better than it has in yrs and we just got done

    There's ways to lose and we lost in the right way
  • So heres a question .... when was the last game that you actually enjoyed?
  • Agree with this. Left the valley today feeling the best I have about a defeat in a long time. Think we lack a plan b but played well first half...
  • Agree.

    We are going forward.

    No, everything isn't perfect, there are issues and concerns as well as the usual short termism from some fans that equates one defeat to a disaster.

    The football can be good at times even if we don't score enough.

    Roland isn't going to change the way he spends or the way he recruits IMO.
  • Well I was watching it on live media app now not connecting . Is it being shown on wiz wig ?
  • It's not going to happen this year but the foundation is there
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  • Well there you have it .... maybe I enjoy outside the box
  • Anyone who thought we were going to do a bit of a waltz to the promised land this season is delusional.knowhere near ready as a squad or a club in my opinion.
    Roland in this for the long haul. 2-3 years should do it.
  • Is it really worth its own thread though?

    Oh sorry wrong thread, yeah what AFKA says. Or what he is trying to say anyway.
  • I agree.

    Although we should never have sold Kermorgant Darren Bent
  • Been much better all round this season. The ground has had a make over, we have some better players in and the crowd appears to be more patient.

    Other teams find it difficult to play against us as we have a solid back four and a half decent midfield. We also have a good selection of home grown players starting matches and on the bench. A bit more attacking power and I would be happy but Rome was not built in a day.

    IMHO, we are definitely going in the right direction
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    18 points from our first ten games - magnificent compared to last season and setting us up for a long stay in the top ten.
    Now ten points from our last nine games W2-D4-L3.
    Some might ignore that form or blame injuries, but I've seen one (Vetokele) goal in three games...One point from two winnable games against what turned out to be pedestrian opposition.
    We played well today but it's a results business - how many points will we attain in December before the window opens?
    The bloke who is running our club chose not to fund the no doubt extortionate demands to add a loan striker to our squad.
    So I trust they fund and execute the signing of a decent striker in January else it will be a very long season.
    It actually doesn't matter whether we finish 9th or 15th this season. What matters is the calibre of players signed over the last six months and what happens in the next two windows. Players in and out. We have the youngest squad in the league and financial losses which are reducing every season. We are playing decent football on a carpet of a pitch and may well hear about our new academy sometime soon.
    So all we need is time whereas for some clubs losing £10-15m per annum and running out of parachute monies, time is running out.

    Third round FA cup draw next week and hopefully a welcome distraction. :)
  • Ha, need to hide my phone when I've had a juice lol
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    Ha, need to hide my phone when I've had a juice lol

    You couldn't have been that bad because at least you could find it even if the auto correct didn't appear to be working. How's the head? :-)
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    Ok from what vision I had left yesterday after having a full service on my eyes, 1st half wasn't bad, had a few chances, could have, should have, would have been ahead by half time, without taking our chances , there was bound to be a sting in the tale at the end, the same as at Norwich away.

    Yes there are limits and frustrations to the squad, and I wished we scored more goals, but if you'd said to me at the start of the season we'd be almost into December before we had our first home defeat I wouldn't have believed you.

    If you said to me now , that despite floundering around in mid table we were going to make the play offs and get promoted to the premier league, I still wouldn't believe you, so any things possible, depends what the ultimate aims of the board are this season.
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