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Season Ticket flyer in the post?

Ill pass thanks.....



  • Unmissable final season at the Boleyn... Is anyone else thinking it... "Please get relegated.. Please get relegated" :)

    West ham relegated and orient promoted. I'm crossing my fingers. Might even put a fiver on it.
  • My 9-year old son was sent a flyer to renew his Lapsed Charlton season ticket in the post yesterday, he didn't understand the credit application form they included though.....mugs
  • I think we're all hoping they get relegated, and if Orient get promoted too its a good season regardless of what cafc do ha ha.
  • edited July 2014
    Don't think my stomach muscles could take the strain, i'd be laughing my cods off for a year if those twats got relegated...
  • The main title needs punctuation, but I'll let that one go based on 'artistic license'. However the copy on that is absolutely atrocious.
  • I printed that....
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