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Sailor Brown ( more photos added)

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Some of you may have read my post elsewhere concerning me talking to Sailor Browns daughter, she has kindly agreed to send some photos of her fathers career with Charlton and they will be posted on here as and when I receive them.(with permission of admin?) She has told me she will pop over to see the comments as the thread grows as her had father had immense pride in his association with our great club along with its family traditions. She also mentioned how well received her Father was when he returned to the Valley and looks forward to reading your thoughts on the legend that is Sailor Brown.imageimageimageimage
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  • A real legend of our club and the greatest name of a footballer ever

    Where did the sailor bit come from
  • According to that newspaper clipping, the Sailor nickname came from his rolling gait. I take that to mean, he walked like he was on board a ship in rough weather. But I'll ask..
  • Who are the other four chaps in the first picture? I recognise the fella in the back left as an ex player (Charlie Revell?) but not sure on the other three.

    I love hearing stories about ex players, especially those who stay loyal to the club once their career ends so any further tales and accompanying snaps are very welcome!
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    Great stuff.

    Would love to hear any stories or have copies of photos etc for the Museum.

    He actually served in the RAF so it would have been Airman Brown if he hadn't been a sargeant. A reference to which continues to this day.

    Played in the great team of the late 30s and in the 46 cup final scoring 24 goals from 60 games. (21 from 47 in the league.). The war took his best years.

    Capped once but also played other post war internationals not classed as first class games.
  • Les Fell top right, Albert Uytenbooghart bottom left, other two will come to me eventually!
  • Today the Sailor Brown memorial Trophy was played's a write up.
    Well it was a case of Deja - Vu at today's Sailor Brown Trophy in memory of the great Villa, Charlton, England and of course Gorleston FC legend.

    The final was contested by Lowestoft Town FC v Waveney FC with both last year's finalists coming to exactly the same outcome as last season with The Trawler Boys winning on penalties after the final's 0-0 score line.

    Thanks to Great Yarmouth Town FC, Diss Town FC, Lowestoft FC, Waveney FC and of course our own Gorleston FC who were pipped into 3 place after a wonder strike from Waveney v Great Yarmouth in the penultimate match of the round robin.

    The weather was great and some good football was played.

    Thanks also to Colin Bray for organising the tournament once again and to everyone who came along to support their teams and remember the great man that was Robert "Sailor" Brown

    Alan Gordon


    Gorleston FC
  • Before my time, but my dad spoke so affectionately about him. A genuine legend of the club. Such a shame we don't have tv footage
  • Bottom right I think is Peter Firmani.
  • Before my time too, so never had the pleasure of seeing him play. My late Dad did though. Someone who deserves to be called a legend.
  • Kevin Barry is behind Sailor Brown.
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  • My dad, who celebrates his 82nd birthday tomorrow, grew up, with his dad on the huge terrace at the Valley. He was at the cup final win and still speaks with enthusiasm about his boyhood heroes, Sailor Brown, Chris Duffy and his favourite player Sam Bartram. They must have been wonderful days to be a Charlton fan, and although we now live a long way away, they are the reason why my son is called Sam, I once had a budgie called Lennie,and deep in the West Country, there still drives a car with a Charlton sticker proudly displayed. Once it's in the blood....
  • Great pix.
    My Grandfather and Father often spoke with great fondness of Sailor, and the fact that he was always mentioned along side the likes of Bartram speaks volumes.
  • Met him in Floyds a few years ago and seemed genuinely shocked when I asked for his autograph.
  • Amazing Pictures, nice to see them.
  • Wonderful photos. Thanks for posting them.
  • Super pics - thanks
  • Keep 'em coming.

    What medal is that? Can't see on the phone.
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  • The cup final medal.
  • Exceptional pictures of a previous football age. Many thanks to those posting
  • T.C.E said:

    The cup final medal.

    which final? '46 or '44?
  • Could some of you help out and put names to the past players photo . Derek Ufton , Killer and Mike Bailey are fairly obvious.
  • What a magnificent document that photo album is. Thanks very much for posting TCE.

    As for the cup medal, did I imagine it or did I read somewhere that the players didn't get their proper medals on the day due to a gold shortage after the war? If so, that prompts some questions: what did they get on the day? Did they surrender that when they got the real medal or did they keep it...?
  • Some really great photos there. Makes you proud to be Charlton.
  • T.C.E said:

    The cup final medal.

    which final? '46 or '44?
    I've just read the message again, it says and pictures of cup final medals. I got the impression it was front and back of one medal, but it could be of two? I'll ask later. ;)

  • Exceptional pictures of a previous football age. Many thanks to those posting

    The pictures are coming with kind permission of Sailor Brown's daughter via myself. She didn't think there would be much interest when I asked if I could show them here!
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    Exceptional pictures of a previous football age. Many thanks to those posting

    Couldn't agree more. Fantastic. Can't help but feel these days are long gone. Playing for the team, loyalty and passion. Just all too commercial now (actually like most things). Players have become commodities.
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    Could some of you help out and put names to the past players photo . Derek Ufton , Killer and Mike Bailey are fairly obvious.

    I'll have a go at a few.

    Front row Brian Kinsey with his arms round Phil Warman to his right. Paul Went front row extreme left.

    Arthur Horsfield 3rd left back row. Peter and Ted Croker 4th and 5th left back row.

    EDIT: Ufton, Bailey and Hales are obvious to the old gits but maybe not younger posters so: Derek Ufton back row extreme right Derek "Killer" Hales front row extreme right with Mike Bailey next to him.

    2nd EDIT: Gleaned from the smaller named picture: "Sailor" Brown front row 3rd left, Eric Lancelotte 3rd right back row, Cec Davies 2nd left front row.

    3rd EDIT: Could it be Charlie Hall to the right of the leather jacketed Phil Warman in the front row?
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