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Felix Dennis - R.I.P.

Loved Oz when I was teenager and Felix Dennis - what a character. RIP.


  • Lived a full life, certainly a person to be reckoned with, top man RIP.
  • RIP
  • RIP. Dennis Publishing were a client of mine in my last job. Some of the stories about Felix are legendary.
  • Very sad news, Only met him very briefly in the early 80s as one of the magazines I was working on needed a financial backer.
    Despite the Maverick appearance a very shrewd guy, who had a strong sense of self belief. He did a lot of work for disadvantaged kids with his money.
    He did not finance the magazine that I worked on, and in fact a few weeks later I left. The magazine did not last. Oz was a good read in it's day, and gave people the idea that you could have an alternative press. The illustrations were very good for the time. Tony Elliott,( founder of time out) and Richard Branson were of a similar profile in that appeared to be 'hippies' but had good creative ideas. A sad loss we need more people like this.
  • a true brit original! my word, some real losses this past few...cannot believe keef is still around...
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