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Jose Riga- good bye thanks and good luck



  • F**K SAKE.

    Bye Riga you done a very good Job and all the best.
  • Thanks Riga, Fantastic Job! All the best.
  • I've been quite an optimistic; but if it truly is due to disagreements about our club then I hold my hands up and agree that my optimism may be misplaced. Especially as he's previously worked with RD

    He seemed to care about Charlton towards the end, he came in during a very difficult time and did a brilliant job.

    I'm really disappointed that we can't have him on a long term basis.

    Farewell José, your reign may have been short but the outcome will last atleast a year and I dare say the respect you earnt whilst here will live on even longer.

    Good luck.
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    Sky Sports understands that Riga is already on the radar of Championship club Blackpool, after they learned he was leaving Charlton and keen to remain in England.


    honestly don't think we can do better than Riga.
  • Bugger, though not unexpected.
  • Reports in Belgium suggest former Millwall striker Bob Peeters - currently in charge at Waasland-Beveren - is set to take charge at Charlton.

    It gets worse.
  • I was dubious at first but the way in which he carried things off won me (and I suspect a lot of others) over.

    Thank-you Jose. You earned our respect.
  • Good luck Jose, doubted it was the best move when you came in but you ended up doing a cracking job with what you had. It's a real shame you didnt get at least 1 transfer market to show us what you could do with your own team.

    Lets hope Bob's of the same mold.
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  • very disappointed by this news and I am quite sure a large number of the 'remaining' players will be as well
  • Just dont understand why. Should not have sacked Chris Powell but having done that should have kept Jose Riga. Dont see the grand vision but hope to be convinced.
  • Has he left then?
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    I'm very sad to see him go too but I hope he'll be warmly received if he ever returns to The Valley with another team. I'd compare the impression he made to previous a foreign visitor, who didn't stay long enough....Jorge Costa. I can speak no more highly of the man than that.
  • This is the news I was hoping NOT to read.

    Although I am basically optimistic about our future under the new regime, this has put a big dent in my enthusiasm.

    My view, based on the wording of the SSN piece is that he WAS interested in staying ,and may have been offered the position, but the terms were the necessity to pick players "thrust upon him" by RD & co. A similar situation to that which SCP found himself in. So, we're only interested in a "yes" man. Very sad & a decision which I feel may come back & bite us where it hurts.

    I am sure that Jose impressed other owners during his short stay in SE7 - in the same way that he impressed the majority of Charlton fans/players/staff. As I posted once before, I believe we would prosper & grow in his safe hands and the continuity of having him at the helm would definitely be a plus at the start of a new season. Not quite so sure now .

    I wish Jose every success in the future - but am extremely disappointed that it will not be at our Club.

    To lose one good manager in 2014 was lose TWO is a big mistake in my book.

    The pressure's now on RD to demonstrate he DOES know best.

    Onwards & upwards ?

  • Don't get the reasoning behind this? everything seemed to point to getting Riga in on a perm contract. Now we are having to pay compensation for an unknown, in experienced lower league manager. All very odd
  • Thanks to Jose and best wishes going forward. I can't help thinking that all this uncertainty with 3 managers now in a matter of months is worrying for the club going forward. We need things to settle down and RD to decide what he wants otherwise another relegation battle looks more than likely next season.
  • Feeling sick. Riga was the perfect fit for us, crazy to not allow him to carry on. Why does our club always build up our hopes, then shatter them!
  • Was waiting for him to fail when he came in to prove that SCP Powell was the man for our think Im more gutted about him leaving than SCP which says something.

    Reading this thread shows the regard the fans had for him with absolutely no spilt of opinion on people wanting him to stay (certainly not the case with SCP's departure.

    Good luck Riga but unfortunately I can only see our loss as blackpools gain
  • Gutted to be honest, more gutted than i was about Powell.

    Seriously this is a joke right, although gutted and think Riga should of stayed how can anyone say they are more gutted when a manager who had been here for 3 months left than a club legend who had been here 3 years as Manager
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  • Any manager that comes to Charlton now would need their head examined after the way Riga has been treated. You could make a case for Powell's departure, but Riga deserved to be rewarded with the job permanently. His remit was to keep us up, would RD rather that he picked the network players and we got relegated. Perhaps he did want that after all!
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    Gutted. Genuinely think he would have taken us places. He creates a good changing room atmosphere, great football, and gets results. More upset than I thought I'd be.
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    Proper Charlton. True legend.
  • I'm so disappointed. For me he was the new Lennie Lawrence and I can't pay the man a bigger compliment than that. Next season im sure JR will be a huge success wherever he ends up. Thanks for everything Jose.
  • Gutted by this news and really thought good things were in store with Riga in charge.Lets hope RD has unearthed another gem in Peeters?
  • Good luck Jose, Sad and baffled to why he has gone would be quite pissed off if he goes on to manage another team in England and becomes a top coach. Think it may be time for RD to at least let the fans know why.
    Not pancaking yet but really hope we don't leave our transfer dealings to the last minute like last season. But then again I suppose we need a manager first.
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