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The week that was - Monday 11th April 1977 Charlton 4 Chelsea 0

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Monday 11th April 1977 Charlton Athletic 4 (2) (Flanagan 32, 43, 72, McAuley 55) Chelsea 0 (0) The Valley Att 25,757.

Charlton: Wood, Curtis, Warman, Tydeman, Giles, Berry, Powell, Hunt, Flanagan, Peacock, McAuley. Unused sub: Penfold.

Chelsea: Phillips, Locke, Sparrow, Stanley, Wicks, Harris, Britton, R Wilkins, Finnieston, Lewington, Swain. Unused sub: Dempsey.

Referee: R Crabb (Exeter).

Vandalism: Damage, estimated at £12,000 was caused during and after the match, which led to arrests and subsequent fines and a terrace ban on Chelsea fans at away matches. Turnstiles were broken near the Valley Club, which had most of it's windows smashed. After Charltons third goal, planks of wood were ripped from a stand to start bonfires on the terraces. One female Chelsea fan was so disgusted with the actions of so called Chelsea fans that she sent a £5 cheque to go towards the repairs.


  • I think this match turned up on may people list as their first view of football violence. I thought the official gate was much lowere than the actual attendance. Had to be well over 30,000 in the Valley.
  • The photograph in the 'bible' shows Flanagan's first goal. In the background is a packed East terrace. Probably 20,000 on there alone!
  • Ah, the cash on the gate days :-)

    not so easy to avoid the revenue these days!
  • This was a great game and a fantastic night out. The atmosphere was highly charged and menacing throughout.

    I stood on the East Terrace around the half way line below the walk way. There were quite a few mates and acquaintances that used to meet up and after we scored our second goal we stared chanting "Come on you Reds" and a load of Chelsea surged out of the covered end towards us only to be headed off by the old Bill.

    I remember the fires started in the covered end and the headline in one of the tabloids the next day, something like
    "Charlton Shoot Down Chelsea in Flames".

    Flash was totally awesome that night. I thought he was destined for bigger things.
  • I missed this one as I was away on a school trip for a few days. I dashed out to get a paper the morning after to find out the score (the days before the internet and mobile phones, eh?) - couldn't believe it was both front and back page headlines!
  • the good old days eh?
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    Five years ago this week, I remember being in the away end at Anfield as we won 1-0 to go back up to seventh in the Premiership.

    That in itself feels like a lifetime ago now...
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    [cite]Posted By: AllLeftFoot[/cite]Five years ago this week, I remember being in the away end at Anfield as we won 1-0 to go back up to seventh in the Premiership.

    That in itself feels like a lifetime ago now...

    Shaun Bartlett scored with a header ......... I was there, staying with my Liverpool supporter mate from Sandbach that Easter.
    He was giving it large before the match saying they needed the points for Europe, and thank God they were playing Charlton and not Manure or the Arse.

    After P*rk*r had sold out, we'd nosedived a bit and I was thinking that it'd probably be a bit like the season before - we'd nick a goal but capitulate to a dodgy late winner.

    Bartlett duly scored early on - and apart from a few scares and their late rally, we held on easier than I expected.
    I couldn't believe I'd actually seen Charlton win at Anfield. Nor could my mate, lol

    It felt a bit like Old Trafford 1986.
  • As I mentioned on another thread, what a great weekend. Beat Millwall at home on Good Friday, drew with Orient away on Saturday and then the thrashing of Chelsea ... although we did lose the Covered End. And Chelsea started it again in the Valley Club after the game.
  • Pivotal game in my life this one! I'd been brought up a Blue by the Old Man but had been going to Charlton and Chelsea for over a year. I had been watching both sides that season and was very confident Charlton would win. My allegiance finally swung that night, not just because Charlton won, but because I felt an empathy with the silent majority at the Valley that night. My Dad, who lived in Greenwich and had plenty of Charlton mates, was highly embarrassed by the bully-boys who turned up from Chelsea that night and intimated ordinary Charlton fans that night. He had a letter printed in the Chelsea v Hull programme that followed saying he had had to "hang his head in shame" for a fortnight after the game.
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  • Chelsea gone in a Flash.........
  • I notice John Phillips was in goal for them that day.

    Probably the only time he played at the Valley.His two appearances for us were at away games at Luton and Leicester.
  • Still remember this one well, despite being a season ticket holder then (and still am) I have never been Chelsea match since. I went with my boyfriend at the time and was so scarred on the train home ended up in Watford instead of Aylesbury and had to get a taxi home which was fun as my parents moved house that day and I coudn't remember the address!
  • Magnificent hat-trick from the Flan.

    Our 177 going back to Plumstead was bricked and we had to crouch under the windows upstairs. A deeply unpleasant episode, especially for some poor old people who were on the bus, coming from the bingo in Greenwich.
  • the headline in one of the tabloids the next day, something like
    "Charlton Shoot Down Chelsea in Flames".

    Flash was totally awesome that night. I thought he was destined for bigger things.

    The Guardian's headline, which I gleefully stuck on the door of a Chelsea supporter mate, was "Flanagan humiliates Chelsea"
  • Classic game.
  • Stood on the East Terrace, amazing atmosphere - not all of it nice. Chelsea took over the Covered End and promptly set about destroying that part of the ground. To be fair I think they lost interest as the goals went flying in. We were unplayable that night.
  • It was a indeed a great night notwithstanding the Chelsea arsonists.

    Sad to reflect that not only one of my boyhood heroes, Bob Curtis, is no longer with us but, even more poignant, is the fact that Ray Wilkins was in the Chelsea side.
  • Memorable night, escaped to the East Terrace and departed via the Sam Bartam exit, as I decided I'd like to live a little longer.
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  • Frightened out of my life, as a 12 year-old, that night
  • I was there as a 15 year old, standing on the East terrace desperately trying to stuff the 8ft long red and white scarf my gran had knitted me inside my bomber jacket as hordes of Chelsea fans ran towards the Covered End. I think they tore down some wood and wire fencing on the East Terrace near the CE to start the fires. I remember feeling even more uncomfortable after looking down to see the scarf at my feet after it had dropped out of my jacket.
  • Remember it well. I had been on an all day pub crawl with my mates so we were all fairly pissed when we got the ground. Chelsea are a club that I have always disliked so to take them apart like that was wonderful to watch.

    Flanagan was a better player than Hales and when on top form he wasn’t far from being England standard. A few months after this game he scored another hat-trick against Spurs.

    Chelsea went up in this season. The following season I had the great pleasure of seeing Coventry thrash them 5-1 at Highfield Road.
  • I went to this game as a 19 year old with 2 pals ,a fellow charlton supporter and a chelsea fan .We stood at what is now the Jimmy Seed stand end .There was always so much more atmosphere then .We absolutely tore them to shreds .The General was outstanding that game and of course Flanagan was different class .

    Oh how we need players who play for the shirt like a lot of them now
  • I'll always hate Chesea after that game.
  • I was stood on the terrace to the left of the seats.

    If it started raining I would have stayed there rather than go in the Covered End to keep dry.
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    In the days when pwoper norty was really pwoper norty, what happened off of the pitch overshadowed the actual game....I had a grandstand view from the East terrace, we absolutely dismantled Chelsea, one of the best Charlton performances I ever saw.
  • Great performance, what a night. On the pitch. Off the pitch was easily my most terrifying experience at football and that in an era when frightening situation were common place, especially away from home.
    I am afraid it spoiled the memory of what should have been a golden moment in my Charlton supporting life.
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