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Jeremy Kyle anyone?

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Thread removed as 90% of charlton fans who post at this time of day are morons.


  • At the age of 12 I knew not to goad adults.
  • Your son should have mimicked a footballer jumping, or indeed striking a ball. Old Churchy would have no comeback.
  • I'm sure he'll get over it at wembley
  • I don't believe you.
  • Very sad if true mate. Especially if it was Church, who should be reminded everyday that he is currently stealing a living as a footballer and should be counting his lucky stars.
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    He kissed the badge wanting a reaction and got one. But yeah it don't sound too good on Church. Scumbag is a bit harsh.
  • At the age of 12 I knew not to goad adults.

    Exactly, he's 12 not 4.

  • If true then Church is even more of a tosser than I thought. Not at all sure I believe this though.
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    Why kiss the badge in front of the players in an attempt to wind them up after a poor performance? Should have told your son to show some restraint. Rubbing it in is not the answer. Although calling your son four eyes is not a mature response.
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  • Banter ?
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    Tell your son to respect his elders . Simple
  • Makes me mad how kids don't show respect to their elders these days.

  • not doubting you mate but how do you know it was Church because I doubt I'd recognise him if he strolled up to me and said 'hello'.

    saying he had a sponge taped to his right foot will not suffice.
  • I don't believe this anyway. Just another wind up from one of our own fans to cause further trouble.
  • Grow up if you,can give out stick take it back
  • Sorry to hear about any lack of grace and it spoilt your day, still we are at the level of 'what a disgrace', not yet reached 'absolute disgrace', and a little way off from 'I'd string up the lot of 'em', so there are other levels to reach yet in life.
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  • I have no reason to lie nor has the steward that also saw it,
  • Fair play to him. I saw your kids gesturing in the 'family' stand, looks like they are dragged up well.
  • Tell speccy to get over it, life is not always going to be easy, see this as a learning experience. And as for yourself, instead of crying about it on a forum, why didn't you reach down and find a pair at the time of this alleged incident and say something to him.

    What a knob you are, do you not think I didnt? but would he get off and say anything to me? no because he is a pathetic footballer and even more of a poor excuse as a human being
  • Good to see that their are no sour grapes on here this morning Utb
  • You posted your true story, but what do you expect us to say or do? Or is it an elaborate and creative method of rubbing it in? I am sorry your day was that OK? Or would you like us to have a whip round?
  • SHEFFGROW said:

    Firstly I have no gripE with your fans whatsoever I thought they tried their best yesterday despite the fact that your team gave you nothing whatsoever to cheer about,
    One of your players on the other hand is an absolute disgrace, after the match me and my son was walking across the car park where the Charlton team bus was my 12 year old lad kissed his badge on his Sheffield United shirt [Like you would do having just won an FA Cup Quarter Final] to which one of your players Simon Church then proceeded to mock my child by putting his hands to his face mimicking glasses and calling my son four eyes amongst other hand gestures,
    Now anybody can do what they want to me but picking on a child is a different matter.
    Do theses people live in the real word?
    Absolute scumbag
    You as fans deserve far more than these cretins.

    If you were that upset about it then you would ring the club up/or write a letter, instead of moaning on here about it. Do something constructive, instead of fighting a losing battle on here.

    If you want to contact us:

    Charlton Athletic Football Club
    The Valley
    Floyd Road
    SE7 8BL

    General Enquiries
    Tel: 020 8333 4000
    Fax: 020 8333 4001
    Email: [email protected]
    Minicom/textphone: 020 8333 4094
  • If it happened, and I doubt it did are you contacting the club about it?? Telling everyone on here will do nothing!
  • ive already contacted them thanks
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