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  • That game got completely out of hand !
  • Probably get promoted to FIFA list for the next world cup after that................
  • To be fair, it's a stonewall penalty.
  • When the whole team is in his face and showing dissent then he should have the power to suspend the match and give it to the other team.

    It was an obvious penalty but they were too busy moaning about a free kick they should have had down the other end of the pitch. The ref didn't give it so get on with the game.

    This is what FIFA should be sorting out.

    How many red cards did he show in the end?
  • Fantastic to see him fight back. I love the way the crowd applauded him when he knocked the bloke out.

    He managed to get the game finished as well.

    Let's hope we see him in Brazil next year!!
  • The lad he decked looked quite sheiken up.

    The keeper seems like a man weary of trying to control the idiots that he finds himself working with.
  • Can't imagine Clive Thomas acting in such a manner.
  • I loved the way he also sent the bloke off for whacking the ball straight from kick off.
  • WSS said:

    I loved the way he also sent the bloke off for whacking the ball straight from kick off.

    Who then had the brass neck to start protesting about it!

  • This is brilliant. Fair play to him though! The amount of times he got pushed before he smacked him one...
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  • Was it just me who thought, that the penalty was an absolute belter?.
  • Purple team should be ashamed of themselves. What a load of cry babies.
  • Brilliant. We need more refs like this bloke. Great entertainment.
  • I like the way the bloke he hits goes down like a sack of shit and rolls around. Presumably to try to get the, er, referee sent off. Bell end.
  • Personally I thought he got all those decisions correct. Including the left hook.
  • I would have abandoned the game
  • Probably writes for Votv.
  • What the ref has forgotten is that in football the mere wind created from a hand swipe without any contact would of KO'd any of those players. If I was a ref, I'd have stood absolutely still and if any player came up and made contact with me then immediately red card them. The problem with too many referees these days is that they tend to do the back walk which invites players into a confrontational situation. Stay perfectly still once your decision is made and this shows your authority.
  • Thanks for posting that. Made my day.
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