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Posted Before But we are Near the bottom..Sort it out!


  • Only 13 players - poor, very poor................
  • Just signed up me, Mrs BA and No 1 son
  • Would still rather give my money to more deserving causes. They get paid, don't they?
  • i'm actually with Off It to a degree on this one.

    Yes, we all know that nurses should be paid more than they are, there is no disputing that, and pressure should be put on the government to change this. But they are paid none the less, get leave and lots of benefits, and a job that is both rewarding in self-interest, and appealing on a cv.

    There are many, many worthwhile charities out there that receive no government funding but do fantastic care work that would benefit greater from this, in my opinion.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]i'm actually with Off It to a degree on this one.

    Why sound so surprised - I don't always talk shite you know!
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