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Not sure about anyone else on this site but I get totally pissed off with trying to get tradesmen to committ to work. I have now two jobs needing doing on my house one is not so urgent and the other is pressing I have contacted two blokes, one a plasterer the other a boiler engineer who have both done work on my house before and they won't even take a call. You leave messages which they don't return which is the really annoying thing if at least they called back and said they were too busy you can at least look for someone else.

My point is that you use certain people because you know their work is good they take you on as a customer and then when they have you hooked you get ignored. Does anyone else have this experience? I suspect yes but would be good to know and maybe some recommendations for a bolier engineer as well would be appreciated.


  • Had a plasterer do our whole house a couple of years ago and when we contacted him to do some more work for us he let us down 3 times in a row and we ended up not bothering.
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