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Arts and the man.

Does the art outweigh the acts of the artist?

Why is Polanski still admired but not G Glitter? Would you self censor experiencing the art of a paedophile? If so would it be all artists or just those still living?

I find this a dilemma I can't always resolve, given the dissolute lifestyles of so many artists and celebrities over the centuries.


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    I still have Gary Glitter on my iPod. Used to love his music. Now though every time it comes up my first thoughts are, "bloody hell, this blokes a paedo" and it's tainted. Can't speak about Polanski though, only familiar with the name not his work.
  • A big part of liking music is actually liking the person singing the song, this is why I hate Coldplay, even though some of their stuff is okay. This is also why I wouldn't listen to Gary Glitter..
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