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Most bizarre celebrity sighting

As a lad when I lived in Hertfordshire I had a temp job as a postman and delivered post to the homes of Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa.I had a major shock one day when Mr Villa came to sign for a registered letter dressed only in his underpants - a very hairy man!
The houses they lived in were nothing special - how times have changed!


  • When I was an apprentice a company I worked for services the fire alarms at hammersmith hospital (around 1993) . One day we were testing the smoke detectors in the basement and then had to head up to the tenth floor. We got in the lift and then the doors opened at the ground floor and in got Will Carling , Terry Wogan and ex page 3 girl Jilly Johnson .

    Turns out they were there for some charity thing.
  • We stopped over at Singapore airport for about three or four hours on our way to Australia.

    My missus (at the time) went off to the loos with her sister and when they came back they were all excited saying how they'd just seen "That comedian bloke with the beard off They Think It's All Over". I asked if he was on his own and they said he was "with some old grey haired bloke".

    Ten seconds later Rory McGrath walks past with David Gower. Not that bizarre normally - but at Singapore airport???
  • Also saw Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence shopping in Islington once.
  • Took a piss at the next urinal to Trevor McDonald once.
  • Hardly the most credible but me and a mate were in a lift of a travel lodge which was at a service station after a very heavy night involving some not so legal things, when the doors opened and Jedward were stood there dressed in exactly the same clothes and came in the lift with their dad.

    Was probably the last thing we needed to see at that stage.
  • Met Kanu at JFK.

    Hailed one of those trolley carts, jumped on and whizzed off... And against whilst the Mrs was in the airport loo
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    Off_it said:

    Ten seconds later Rory McGrath walks past with David Gower. Not that bizarre normally - but at Singapore airport???

    When I was a young blockhead, if we saw any lookalikes we'd shout the name of the lookalike as loud as we could. One day I went with my mate to watch a match at Arsenal (don't ask). In the pub beforehand I saw I saw the most brilliant Rory McGrath lookalike and so shouted at the top of my voice, "RORY!!!!". Next thing I know Rory's walking over to our table saying, "Yeah mate, what do want?".
  • My late wife and I sat next to Bonnie Tyler on a flight from Faro - she trated us to a glass of red wine saying she hates drinking on her own!
  • Saw Michael Jackon on the Victoria line the other day. Here is proof. Saw him down Walthamstow market during the olympics too.
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  • Don't fall for it Nicholas, one glove too many!
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  • Chris Evans, pissed up, in Up The Creek, bought me a large rum and coke!
  • Cheryl Baker - delivered milk to her doorstep
  • Ally McCoist in the bar of Corstorphine Rugby Club in Edinburgh on Scotland v England day at Murrayfield,watching the match on the telly with all the players and members.Would have though he would have had a ticket?!!
  • Walking down HaHa Road when I was a kid after getting off the 161 on Woolwich Common, I was stopped by a copper at the junction with Repository Road and there was a couple of ob motorbikes stopping the traffic. As I stood there a couple of big black limos come out of the road that now leads o the new hospital and in the back of one was The Queen and who I thought a the time was Prince Charlie, but could've been Prince Philip. True story
  • Mavis Riley in Ibiza airport. My mum spoke to her
  • Mick Hucknall in a sleazy niterie in Manchester circa 1988 - he was in full on "do you know who I am" mode
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    Oakster said:

    Mick Hucknall in a sleazy niterie in Manchester circa 1988 - he was in full on "do you know who I am" mode

    Something tells me that Mick Hucknall is never out of that mode

  • Had a piss next to Alan Sugar, seen Bruce Forsyth at Miami airport, both Gallagher brothers in bits of North London, Daley Thompson browsing books in Foyles...

    On a Charlton note, saw Pardew (when he was a player for us) walking down Oxford Street, and shared a Ryanair flight from Gothenburg to London with Martin Pringle
  • Don't fall for it Nicholas, one glove too many!

  • Held a door open for Bradley from Eastenders in Bromley, he decided to try and use the other door instead and went to yank it open only to find it locked. He then sheepishly went through the door I had opened and muttered a thank you, keeping his head down.
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  • West Ham supporter! Well he's ginger, he must be!
  • He's a Charlton fan !
  • But he's ginger!
  • Sat next to The Guitarist from The Stereophonics at a bar in Tokyo airport, they had played at the Fuji rock festival,Prodigy were also there,this was early morning and plenty of booze being knocked back.
  • I was going into a shop in Banff in the Rockies, saw a fella coming out, stood back and let him out, it was Bo Diddley, one of the original rockers. About ten years later had exactly the same thing happen in the West End, this time it was Samuel L. Jackson.

    I'll have to lurk around the door to the club shop to get Sir Chris for the hat-trick.
  • 'Grab-a-granny' night in deepest Essex.
    Decided to go for a piss to escape the lavender stench and guess who's throwing his ring up in the trap behind me?

    Ronnie O'sullivan....And by the looks of the old sort he went home with that night, the 'Rocket' definitely wasn't firing on all cylinders!
  • Bumped into the lead singer of scissor sisters semi naked back stage at the O2 a few years ago when they were running off stage at the end of a gig.
  • Saw Jim Davidson at the valley when I was about 13. Being a huge Big Break fan i asked him for his autograph but he told me to fuck off. Nice guy.
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    Back in the nineties got in a lift at Heathrow with Harrison Ford and family, and was surprised that he said hello.
    Elle McPherson in our village here a couple of times and also Johanna Griggs, Olympic swimmer and tv celebrity here....oh and the co star of Prison Break (cant think of his name) buys his coffee in the same shop as me on occassion. Also met Willem De Foe in the Green Welly shop at Tyndrum in Scotland many years ago.
  • Oh i stop jim davidson to sign my program and he did it and said cheers! He must have been in bad mood at time you asked him cafcstud ;)
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