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Off out there soon, any advice?


  • Rubber up
  • eat indoors cats everywhere
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    This link to a previous thread may be of help.
  • Absolutely beautiful old town. Took Mrs there at start of summer. Few of the places can be on pricey side but you can find some gems. You have to go to bar buza, just for th view. Its at th back of th old town overlooking sea from th wall.
  • Cheers all, thanks scruffle, will do.
  • Thanks stilladdicted
  • Oh and quite liked th local beer (well assume was local) karlavako or something like that
  • Went in 2003 or 4 it's very nice, although the old town really isn't that big. A mile or two up the road are beach resorts, so you can do a beach/city holiday in one.

    If you get on a bus near the city don't expect the natives to understand the concept of queuing. Me and the then Mrs Hutchens were most put out by the free for all that ensued once the bus turned up even though we'd been waiting the longest.
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