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Ayia Napa

Me and a group of mates are looking to go to Ayia Napa next summer on our first lads holiday, just wondering if any of you have been and how good it is? Heard very good things about it.

Also if anyone knows of any good deals it would be much appreciated if you could share them, thanks


  • Goo Malia mate went there this year !
    Unbelievable place to be for a youngster ,
    Just make sure you take enough ;)

  • Just make sure you take enough ;)

    Don't flatter yourself

  • Just make sure you take enough ;)

    Don't flatter yourself
    Ayy ! Who said they were for me ?
  • Yeah it was a split between malia and napa but we decided napa eventually, malia will be the summer after
  • Brothers went napa and didn't like it as much as all the other places they've been. Malia was decent
  • Great place to go because of the fact you can have a quiet holiday or a 'lads' holiday within a few miles. Have been there 3 or 4 times with my ex and had a great time, but also ventured up to the square a bit and could see myself there with the boys as well. Considering it's a place for younguns to go there was always a surprisingly low number of dickheads. Would recommend it.
  • Been 5 times, once with family, twice on lads holidays and twice with the b***h of an ex!! The second being our wedding with all friends and family there (less said about how that has turned out the better!!)

    But as JaShea says, it can suit any type of holiday. I always loved the place - guaranteed fantastic weather, great beaches (esp Nissi beach) and a great nightlife - well it was 8 years ago anyway.

    All I would say is it was never the cheapest place, but like anywhere, you can find cheap if you need too.

    Used to love the square pub for live music, Bedrock, the Car Wash club (70s and 80s) and Castle (3 floors) - all the bars/clubs are themed in the squares - used to look impressive.

    Hope you have a great time - wish I was 18 again!!
  • Went Napa in 2000......right in the middle of UK Garage craziness.....was pretty darn fine as I remember!

    Re-ee-wind when they crowd say bo selecta lol
  • Go..m, best holiday ever by a long way. Clubs amazng and you'll never ho anywhere as esay for birds
  • JTJT
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    Went in 05, was decent. That castle club was an experience, full of Scandinavians and speed. We must have been the only white lads in that Club Ice one night, which was, different. Loads of cheese bars too, something for everyone - good for a first lads holiday. Plenty of fanny too.

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  • JaShea99 said:

    Great place to go because of the fact you can have a quiet holiday or a 'lads' holiday within a few miles.

    Applies to virtually any resort anywhere in Europe.
  • In the mid 90's Napa was more of a UK Garage scene rather than decent proper dance music.
    dont know what is like these days.

    Sits back and thinks of Magaluf 89, Ibiza 90, Blackpool 91 (no idea how that one happened) etc.
  • Cheers fellas, can't wait to go, hopefully get a decent price because we're booking it quite early, heard the girls there are unreal
  • I did most of them when I was in my teens Kos, Napa, Falaraki, Magaluf, Zanti, Malia.

    If you go to a night like Garage Nation over here it's pretty much what you should expect as it is still mostly Garage.

    As long as you've got a decent hotel all the lads places are pretty much of a muchness. I remember my mate getting a lift home from the bin men one night out there, we didn't like to ask what he had to do in return.
  • Just be careful of the bouncers, the place is run by gangs!
  • Yeah bouncers did my mate over good and proper. Took him round the side and beat the shit out of him, sprayed pepper spray in his face before hand.

  • Been Malia x2, absolutely loved it. Zante is great too.
  • Been Malia, Faliraki, Kavos and Ayia Napa.

    Would say Malia was by far the best, and Kavos comfortably the worst.

    But Ibiza is where it's at.
  • did Ayia Napa in 98 (was there the night we got knocked out of France 98 when beckham got sent off) and a couple of times after, quality place, didn't think Malia was anywhere near as good, but each to their said above, you'll have a laugh wherever you go
  • I agree with what Chris said though I didn't enjoy Malia as much as it was just like going out in Bexleyheath. It seemed that the whole of the area had decided to go away the same 2 weeks that I did so wherever you turned there was someone you knew, I went away to get away from all those people!

    Ibiza is a different level entirely, wouldn't go anywhere else for a boys holiday in Europe now.
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  • all depends what you want from the holiday. a piss up and a bunk up then malia or napa is for you.

    if you want to experience something you cant anywhere else on the planet then Ibiza is the one. life changing experience that place.
  • Ibiza is apparently a holiday to do when you've done a few others as ice been told nothing else compares and everywhere else will seem so poor compared to it
  • I'd agree with that 100%. Went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I can't stop talking about it, even if it did take me a week to get over it.
  • Never been Ibiza but would love to do it. Must be so depressing coming home and ending up in pure/affinity for the night
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    Dont go to Ibiza, went this year, its quality. Thing is, dont feel like anything else will compare to it in the future and weve only done maga before.

    Feel like we should of done Napa/Malia/Zante before Ibiza!
  • And Ibiza is a bigger hit to your wallet.
  • Ibiza's just an experience, done it twice and recommend anyone to do it no matter how much it costs.
  • must say though i went this year as part of a stag do and some of the blokes were beer monsters and they didnt really like it.
    you have to be very 'open minded' when you go Ibiza.
  • I know what part of Ibiza you've been going to then!!
  • haha you know what i mean though, the west end is shite and if your a beer head your not gonna really enjoy standing in Space paying 18 euros for a bottle of bud.
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