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How are we really doing?

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I was more than happy with our first 3 results this season, against 3 teams that everyone imagined will be there or thereabouts come the crucial stages of the season, but are those 3 teams really going to be in with a shout come May? Hull, Brum and especially Leicester have not had very good starts to their campaigns and the league cup results tonight seem to back that up, so what I'm trying to say is are we really doing that well?


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    Did reading start well last season , I believe not ... Infact at Christmas they were looking more likely of being relegated than promoted
  • Hard to say at this early stage Creepy. Time will tell but I suspect that Leicester and Birmingham will be in the top 6 at the death. Of course, they may all have fared better has they not been pitted against the mighty Addicks so early in the season :-)
  • It doesn't matter where the other team is going to be at the end of the season, each point gained counts just the same and 5 points from 3 games,no defeats, 4 goals and a clean sheet is a pretty solid start...
  • The reason those teams aren't doing as well as expected is because they have all come up against the mighty Addicks.
  • We're doing well, but Forest will be very difficult on Saturday. Lucky we've got an easy home game coming straight after !!
  • Very impressed with our points tally so far and feared the worse after seeing our first 4 games.I couldn't get to the Birmingham game but do feel we could of easily lost our 2 home games so I'm unsure so far of what the season ahead holds.From what I've heard from other supporters there are far worse teams in this Division than us Barnsley,palace and Peterborough being the three im constantly told are very poor.
  • We've done well so far. How anyone can say otherwise I really don't know.
  • the table doesn't lie. come may it won't either. yes we've started well but that dosen't mean we're safe by any stretch of the imagination.
  • It's a marathon, not a sprint.

    Think of us as Mo Farah, not Usain Bolt.
  • Uboat said:

    The reason those teams aren't doing as well as expected is because they have all come up against the mighty Addicks.

    What he said.

    After 10 games you get a better idea of who's doing well and who's not but so far, so good.

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  • Whilst we can't be sure how all the teams stack up in relation too each other at this early stage - we can also be sure that the first team we face that will be nearer the bottom than the top will be our friends Crystal Palarse. In that context and being one of only 5 sides that are unbeaten, I would say the start has been more than satisfactory.
  • the championship is a tight league and its very hard to find consistency. Those that do find a rich vein of wins usually end up in the play offs or even autos. As we saw with west ham last season slipping up and reading powering through to the finish, things can change very quickly in this league.
  • In the Championship, we are playing our team that won League One.

    The fact we are unbeaten in 3 games against teams all tipped to challenge for promotion, says much about the team ethic at Charlton.

    We've a good foundation but we know that, particularly in midfield, some elements need improving.

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