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Olympic Weightlifting

Zoe Smith - British Record - amazing! go on girl!

think she'll struggle to lift much more though....

Local girl from Greenwich, former Townley Grammer pupil. currently 2nd


  • 9th in reality after A class have been but well done. Sexy for a lifter too!
  • A fantastic achievement from Smith, great stuff.

    By all accounts she'll do well to make the top ten but is definitely one for the future.
  • Anyone see what the Ecuadorian did? Lets just say sweat wasn't the only thing those volunteers were mopping up from that stage
  • What a great sport weightlifting is.
  • Me and the girlfriend went to see the 62kgs tonight. Absolutely incredible. Two Olympic records and a world record.
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    Who the f*** are these no-marks mocking Zoe Smith? It's the first time I've actually seen her and - quite aside from the fact that even if she looked like Nora Batty it would be nobody's business and have no bearing on her ability to lift f***-off heavy weights above her head - she's not ugly anyway FFS!!! Has the whole world gone f***ing mad?
  • Weightlifting is such an accessible and elemental sport. You don't need loads of fancy equipment, or expensive arenas...lots of poorer people in poorer countries do it because of that. You either lift it or you don't, no judges marks or anything (apart from if you stand still long enough) and the intensity and courage of these people is amazing.
    The whole thing of it has fascinated me.
  • The women amaze me. How an 9 stone women can lift well over 2 times their own body weight is amazing. Next time the wife wants help with the shopping I might just point it out to her!

  • Lovely girl - came to my son's school to present the Medals and Certificates at Prize Giving earlier this year. An inspiration to them all.
  • What's her snatch like?
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  • I had a friend, whilst at college, who did the weights. He lifted me above his head.
    I was about 11 stone at the time. That was amazing, scared the crap out of me.
  • What's her snatch like?

    Pretty Clean apparently.....

  • she will win it one day
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