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Forgive me if I'm wrong but is Akpo Sodje the only senior striker at the club with only 9 days to go till kick off or am I missing someone????


  • No you are wrong Tuna is a full pro too ;o)
  • Burton - gone
    Mooney - gone
    Dickson - gone
    Shelvey - gone
    Fleetwood - gone

    Time to panic me thinks.
  • McLeod gone as well.

    Perkins is also pro along with Tuna.

    So yes we need at least 2 strikers in as soon as possible.
  • Akpo must have a large cigar on at the moment!
  • some on there way
  • So is Christmas ;0)
  • i expect a striker to arrive prior to season opener. Whos out there with a decent price tag?
  • akpo sodje eh on par with the clown imho. Can't wait till august the 7th LOL
  • Sodje is not the answer ! That man has real umph issues.
  • I was thinking of starting this thread but was going to wait until Monday in case something happens over the weekend, but seeing as it is reported that parky & murray are only now sitting down to discuss new recruits I thought I might as well join in.......

    Unless something astonishing happens over the next week I feel we are in deep s**t = Akpo is only second rate (at best) and we need to bring in at least 2, maybwe even 3 DECENT strikers if we have any hope of finishing out of the bottom 4 come next May....and you can kiss goodbye to a top 6 finish for starters !!!!

    They says that any good team needs to start with a good back 4.......that is usually assuming you actually have at least 2 up front who know where the onion bag is. Any team worth their salt has at least 1 20 goal=a=season strker, and usually has a back up palyer who gets at least 15 as well. We just about made the play-offs last season with our top scoring striker getting less than 15, helped by a midfielder just behibd him with 13........both have now left.

    I know this isn't lost on our management, but the situation is now getting critical. Top goalscorers don't grow on trees and anyone who can get you 20 goals a season will command top dollar....something we probably don't have. We don't seem to have the knack of spotting little gems from non=league and so unless parky has something up his sleeve I feel we are going to be looking at a very tough, long season........
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  • At least one will surely sign next week, lets wait and see what Parky comes up with, and if the player(s) isn't what we hoped for, see how he plays first. Might well be a player who has to get fit after not having a pre-season, and players do need time to gel.
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]akpo sodje eh on par with the clown imho. Can't wait till august the 7th LOL

    Totally agree and I don't think too many will argue with that ......... Unlike when the clown was named ...
  • Murray has already said that he is prepared to pay fees to bring 2 proven strikers to the club

    No one will suggest that bringing in players this close to the start of the season is ideal but Murray's takeover of the club isn't complete yet - needs to go to a formal shareholders meeting (who have already agreed).

    Looks like we will be playing a 4-5-1?
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    [cite]Posted By: golfaddick[/cite] We just about missed out on automatic promotion last season with our top scoring striker getting less than 15, helped by a midfielder just behibd him with 13........


    Fixed. This league is not the Premiership.
  • Rotherham United Manager, Ronnie Moore has made no secret that he is on the look out for a striker to compliment Adam Le Fondre this season and when Pawel Abbott was released by Oldham the Millers boss became interested.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the twenty-eight year old former Huddersfield striker is on his way to Charlton Athletic.

    Speaking to The Advertiser, Moore said, 'We had a call saying that Oldham were going to let him go but that Charlton had offered £75,000 plus a substantial wage increase.

    'It's disappointing but we'll just have to keep searching. We need an experienced striker who can blend with Adam Le Fondre.'

    Abbott began his career with Preston North End and moved to Huddersfield Town in 2004 where he scored forty-four league goals in just over one hundred games. He played for Swansea City and Darlington before moving to Oldham last season where he was their top scorer with thirteen goals.
  • Not bad if it's him. Good record, had a good name since huddersfield. Having said that I've never seen him, and only read about him! But from his rep it's what we need. Had a much better career than Paynter did before he got to Swindon.

    We need a big physical presence, and have done for years. Whilst Burton was brilliant laying the ball off with his back to goal, he wasn't big enough to out muscel/jump players facing goal.
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