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What are the vouchers in the back of the season tickets for?

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What are they for, never used them in 4 years ?!


  • In case the paper runs out in the toilets - its exclusive for season ticket holders.

    The clubs way of saying you're special and more important than the non season ticket holders who are forced to use their hands.
  • on an earlier thread henry irving said that they were for getting into away matches free
    but i not sure whether he was having a laugh
  • He was winding you up mate
  • I was joking.

    They were used for priority for important away games.

    We seem (other than Swindon away) to have moved on from using them to the points system.
  • aaah i thought so
    it sounded too good to be true

    are tickets for orient away on sale over the phone yet?
    because online its saying that they're not but i remember hearing somewhere that they were on sale
  • If you take them to Sainsburys you get discount on a mop and bucket...
  • There numberd 1 to 10, every home game keith peacock will draw a season ticket out of a big tombola then bob bolder will pick a number from 1 to 10 from another tombola. The name keith pulls out will then get to play in the position bob bolder pulls out of his. Its a new idea to save money on transfers. And I've been assured by the club shop there are plenty of xxxxxxl shirts for us larger lads.
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