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No wonder Henry lives in Bromley!

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Bromley is the curry capital of the UK.

One Indian restaurant per 853 residents - a higher ratio than anywhere else. Big cities with a famed curry or Balti mile, such as Manchester and Birmingham did not even make the top ten.

Study carried out by Cobra beer.


  • and Keeley is from there
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    I'm amazed at that, living in Bromley as I do. Don't believe it for one second & I nearly choked on my papadom.
  • not a huge fan of Indian food TBH.

    Cant say I've noticed a huge number/of Curry Houses in the Boro.
  • My pal has opened a Deli on Ravensbourne Road so please feel free to pop in and give them your support.
  • tell us more B.
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Cant say I've noticed a huge number/of Curry Houses in the Boro.

    Isn't that where Nicky Bailey is heading?
  • no, he already lives in the boro but might move to the Boro.
  • I dont know all the details, just asked emailed my mate but she is out of the office today. Its called Bloomingdelis. I havent been and dont know that road but will get more info and come back tomorrow. Jeremy is the owner and im an old friend of him and his wife Maria.
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