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Paved/Resin Driveways

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Not talking about football coming away from the game we started talking about getting our driveway done. Can anybody recomend a local company for permable drives?


  • Speak to a gills fan they'll do a job for you
  • coincidentally I also need my drive doing, so any recommendations appreciated here as well ... but not gills ;-)
  • kimbo....remember that paving your driveway puts rain water straight back into the sewers/drains rather than into the ground....this often leads to drying out of the soil and over a sustained period causes eventual subsidence as well as vastly effecting the water table and increasing the risk of localised flooding....Sounds all a bit dramatic I know but this has caused tremendous problems in some areas and many local governments and insurance companies are becoming increasingly concerned as more and more folk are having this done without thought or concern for the future or the environment.....make no mistake this has to addressed.
    There are various types of perfectly acceptable paving bricks available that allow rain water back into the earth it was intended for.
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